Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 5, 2012

So this past week it rained every day, it seriously feels like Oregon here because it just rains and is very cold, and it’s still summer, I’m kind of scared of what will happen during winter.

I had a doctor’s appointment for my ankle last week and I have to get an x ray and an MRI this Wednesday because my ankle still hurts to walk and touch so there is something wrong and I want to know what it is because it is so annoying and frustrating.

So someone on the radio in the south of Chile said that Mormons are of the devil so no one wants to talk to us and it’s really annoying and tough to work because no one will open the door and talk to us. We are trying a new thing this week, walking around with my DVD of the Mormon messages and a 3liter of Coke and saying "hey we have coke and want to share a 5 minute video of Jesus with you and your family, how about it?" original right? yah we are that awesome, hopefully it works.

So yes, we have been looking for 2 weeks and have no one, it’s a very hard sector, contacting has not been working, and the members here just don’t give references because they haven’t been best friends with other missionaries so yah we have been having our work cut out for us here. It’s very tough and if it weren’t for my new companion it would be another tough week if you know what I mean, he is always trying to do things in a fun way and laugh so I’m really thankful for him because I’m really struggling a bit right now.

We had 2 possible investigators that we were really excited to visit but on Saturday they said they wanted nothing to do with us so that was really hard on us and we took that pretty hard. That was the first time that we had both taken the rejection personal, because we are used to rejection and all, but it hurt more than usual and in a different way, I don’t know it’s hard to explain.

Happy birthday to the aunts (Marcie and Denise) that had the fun trip to Oregon, glad you were able to surprise everyone.

I got an email from Erik Fonnesbeck (my old roommate at BYU) he is in Romania and is doing great, he hopes to end without training, I can now relate to that feeling, at one point I wanted to train but now I’m back to the I don’t want to feeling. but he gets home in September for school so he´s happy with the progress that we both have made, ha-ha.

I think next week we are planning on going to the beach as a zone so I’m looking forward to that, as long as it’s not raining because bad weather at the beach isn’t that much fun

I hope that you are all doing good, know I love you all so very much and I really do miss you all, wish I could be there!

Elder Kyle Allen

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