Tuesday, March 6, 2012

January 30, 2012

How you all doing? So I am now officially 21, that’s kind of crazy to think about but really cool because I’m now the age I'll be when I come home, yes I mention a lot of "when I come home" things but that’s just because I know they are my last in Chile, and it’s sad and really happy at the same time, I’m sure you can only really get that after being in my shoes, or just the shoes of a missionary in general.

This week I went with my companion to an end of training conference for the kids that just finished their training. We had to go to Concepcion and that was kind of fun, but we heard the same thing that we have been concentrating on for months so that was kind of annoying but good news, every Latino in this mission knows what "the most important thing" means in Spanish, inside joke.

So I had a nice birthday, had lunch with 2 of my converts and then had a party with the other 2 sectors here in Lota. That was nice and all, we had some sweets but they are nothing compared to the states.

Today we went to the office and I got my birthday package, it was great, thank you so much mom for that. I got to say goodbye to the guys that are going home on the 14th, and that was hard, but I still have to say goodbye to Jackson and that will be so crazy tough because he is my last real close friend that is still here, and that just means I’m old when he leaves.

We had president Martinez show up on Sunday in Lota and that was crazy and kind of stressful because we had no one in the church until the very last second possible and a girl, Josepha walked in. we are teaching her because her grandma is a member and she likes the primary so that’s working for us but it was crazy scary for a while.

I’m uploading some pictures to the photobucket from my birthday day. It was a gorgeous sunset and this camera does not do it justice, I took these pictures from our balcony in our apartment, beautiful night. The others are of Elder Demke boxing with my companion. It was really funny actually and I have a video of them fighting, just an FYI, Demke won, big time, ha-ha

So tonight we have a missionary meeting with our branch mission leader at his house so I have to run off really fast, I tried to email all but I didn’t have time to get back to Erik and Hayden, I’m really sorry, Hayden I absolutely loved those pictures, appreciate the email and am jealous you are switching to graphic design.  Erik you are amazing, and always remember whatever you write on that teleprompter, HE WILL READ. So with great power comes great responsibility, ha-ha

Know that I love you all so much, I’m sorry I’m rushing off I just need to make it there by 6 and well we still have to take a nice fun bus ride, ha-ha

Have a great week
Elder Kyle Allen

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