Tuesday, March 6, 2012

January 23, 2012

So it turns out that I can’t do my visa until next month, which is cutting it very very close but the Chileano government won’t let me do it till then.

We had a crazy earthquake while I was in Concepcion today. we were in a bus and it shook it pretty hard, it was crazy and this lady next to us was freaking out and screaming open the doors and was trying to call all her children, man that 8.8 almost 2 years ago really scared the people in Concepcion.

So we went to Concepcion today obviously and we had Subway!!! It was awesome, the first one that was opened in Concepcion was opened today (what luck) and it was really good, better in the states but it was the taste of the states and I loved it. Man we make good sandwiches in the states.

So I turn 21 this week, for the record I have not received any packages or letters for my birthday yet, don’t know when to expect them but I know they are on the way and thank you all so much for them.

So you know that Mormon movie writer and producer? The one that did Napoleon dynamite and Nacho libre? Well turns out that is Elder Demke´s sister and brother in law that does them. Jonathan Hess is his brother in law and his sister helps the writing. He also made Gentlemen Broncos (Andrew I remember you talking about that one) and Demke is actually in the movie and has a line, he is in the trailer as well. I and Demke are pretty close because he is in Lota Bajo Elder Owens who was in my MTC group so he trained one of us. And yah, so he goes home in 3 weeks and I will miss him a lot for sure, but Andrew check out that movie if you haven’t already, tell me about it, and just an FYI, his brother in law is making a TV series now, has not started airing yet but should be good he says.

It’s gotten pretty hot here in Lota lately and that’s not terribly fun, it’s nothing like Renaico but it is picking up the heat for being beach side. Everyone is at the beach so work is really really hard for us because no one is home so we take a lot of drink breaks and do a lot less contacts because it’s so hard to come across people, the down fall of being on a beach.

So I completed 15months, that was pretty big, I was excited to finally be in single digit months, and I can’t believe that it’s almost Feb. man that means it won’t be terribly long!

So what is the news on the wedding, anything new?

Trevor, are you going to continue for state/nationals?

So there are 22 missionaries leaving in 3 weeks and 24 coming in, so I might be training, no idea, we will find out what’s going on in 3 weeks, but yah that’s about all the news I really have

make sure that you all have a fun January 26th for me!!!

Love you all so much, and will be thinking of you on my birthday for sure!!!

Elder Kyle Allen

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