Tuesday, March 6, 2012

February 13, 2012

Elder Manzanos, Elder Arksey, and Elder Allen

Good-bye Elder Jackson, til we meet again.
So this week is cambios, and I am getting a new companion, staying in the sector though, so that’s good. He is from Argentina and has 4.5months in the mission. So I will be getting another new Latino.

Elder Demke and Elder Allen
So today a huge group of missionaries went home including Elder Jackson, and that was very tough for me, now just have my MTC district and a few ex companions.
Elder Allen and Elder Jackson
Elder Allen and Elder Steele

Elder Fetty and Elder Allen
Elder Allen and Elder Lisonbee

Lota District

So today we also had to go to Concepcion to take that brain scan for my companion, he will find out the results on Wednesday but I won’t be with him then so I won’t know what the results are, but yah I hope all is well.

The past few days my ankle has been acting up really bad, we rode a bus from Concepcion to Lota standing the whole time, and the driver was reckless like always and my ankle made a few jolts back and forth and I think I re-injured it again, I’m taking some pills but they aren’t very strong, I might have to see a doctor Friday if it keeps up, I might have to use a cane!!!

Thank you for the Birthday Packages!!
I really wished that this ankle thing would be done with by now but it’s just back, I am using the ankle wrap that I bought in the MTC and the Nike shoes but it really hurts.

So I got 3 packages at once that was  awesome!!!
-birthday from the Bairs
    --thanks for the brownies and the giant hugging assistant!!!
-birthday from the Stafford’s
    --thanks for all the gummies, they seemed to bake together but it was fun to eat it with forks and knives
-valentines from family
    --have to say the best package food wise I’ve gotten from you all. The beef jerky and all the reeses pieces things went fast, soooo good

So yah, that’s all I have for now, other than happy valentine’s day, may you all spend it well!!!

love you all
Elder Kyle Allen

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