Tuesday, March 6, 2012

February 6, 2012

So we find out Saturday about transfers, scary it went by so fast!!!
This week on Wednesday I have to say goodbye to Jackson because he leaves on next Tuesday, and that will be so hard! I’m really going to miss him!!!

So today my companion had a doctor’s appointment in Concepcion because he has been getting mindsplitting migraines and we don’t know why. So he will be getting a scan of his brain sometime we don’t know when but it will be scheduled. We didn’t do too well this week in the numbers because of that.  I do hate reporting numbers by the way

So this week was really lame because my comp would get them so bad that the room would spin and we needed to rest and take pills kind of stuff
(sorry by the way this keyboardstinks and doesnt read when I hit the spacebar like ever!!!)

So the pictures are of today, Jackson came to Lota to say goodbye and I went to visit with him, our favorite convert Nataly (the shorter girl that is not in all black hahaha) and she just told us that she is pregnant again! Yah for her!

So Trevor how are the applications for BYU? When do you hear?
What are the dates or the wedding? And will I be receiving an invitation?

Sorry this letter is so short; I had to do this huge survey from the church to all the missionarys that took forever!

But this week was very relaxed because my companion had those head problems, and we are hoping to take the scan soon so that we can find out what is wrong soon!

Know Ilove you all somuch.

Elder Kyle Allen

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