Tuesday, March 6, 2012

January 9, 2012

So yah I’m back in Lota! But this time I’m in Lota Alto and not Lota Medio. A lot of the members remember me because all 6 missionaries (Lota alto Medio and Bajo) go to the same branch, but the number of people that go has dropped since I was there so there is a lot of work to do.

Quickly I’m going to explain that the picture with the people was Nicol Doris and Pepe from Renaico, I do miss them very very much, and the other picture is a picture of Lota Medio (my old sector) from Lota alto (the sector I’m in now) so yah that’s the pictures, because there were only 2 that I could get off the card before the computer pooped out I decided to send them in this email.

I am living in a different apartment then last time, Lota Bajo and Medio live together and Lota alto lives alone in Lota alto because it’s a hard climb every day, ha-ha.
OK Here are the answers to your questions:  
1. How is it being back in Lota?
It’s awesome because I’m so close to all my old converts. I have visited a few and they had stopped going to church but went on Sunday because I would be there so I was very happy about that. The branch half remembered me and when I began talking all said there is no way that I am the same person because I couldn’t talk apparently earlier so yah, that’s cool

2. How many of your converts are still active?
1, buts she lives in Coronel now so I can’t go visit her, even though her city is less then 10minutes from my house.

3. Who is your companion?  Where is he from?
My new companion is Elder Manzanos, and he is from Argentina. He understands English perfectly but won’t speak it, so we just speak Spanish, although it’s nice because I can speak in English and ask him and he gets me just replies in Spanish always.

4. How is the house you are living in?
One of the nicest apartments in the mission, new, has 3 bed rooms and a beautiful view of the ocean because it’s on the 5th floor. But we do have ants, which I still don’t understand how

5. How was the move?  Working well with the broken suitcase?
It was very very hard, I actually have a crappy version of the thing you send in that email mom but it’s still tough because it’s my whole life for 2 years in 2 bags. So yah I might look for another one if this breaks because its 100% necessary because the wheels don’t spin at all, it’s like pulling dead weight

6. What is the weather like?
Its cold and raining right now and I love it. Other missionaries are burning in 98 degree weather in Angol and Los Angeles but I am enjoying 65-75 and light rain. Its glorious, well it’s a little colder than that but still amazing.

So yah I’m enjoying being back. I gave the numbers for the first time and felt very important and realized I didn’t know very much about what I had to give, ha-ha. I love the false sense of responsibility that senior companion has, really you are equal but I have a fancy title now so I feel way more special.

So yah I hear Miles is home, crazy, and Cory, and Erik and Hayden, man it’s a party again! They better throw me a sick coming home party because I miss them all so much.

So I hope that all you are doing ok, have a good time and all, love you all so much!

Elder Kyle Allen

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