Wednesday, June 27, 2012

April 16, 2012

The next email you get from me I will officially have less then 6months left in the mission, man that is a great feeling, I am not going to lie, I’m exhausted physically, mentally, and emotionally. Its tough going every day, especially now when the weather is getting a lot colder and a lot more rainy. We have cambios in 3 weeks or so and I have a feeling that I’m staying and my companion is leaving, which means I only have one more sector left, I’m going to ask president if I can end in Lota because I love it there, and I was my most happy there.

We have a baptism this Saturday! It’s amazing, this zone is the hardest to baptize in and the whole zone will baptize this month, it’s really a miracle. This week, on the 20th we have conferences with the zones of the south so I will be getting mail on the day I hit 6 months, the only better present then that would be to be able to go home on that mark, ha-ha. So I’m excited for this week because I will be getting mail for the first time in months.

We saw a woman this week that kept yelling through the window that she was given witch powers by her sister. That was pretty interesting to say the least. This week we also went to a funeral, it was my first one so that was interesting, we taught the plan of salvation to non members there and made it an effective time. It was weird being at that funeral, really weird.

So this Saturday we are baptizing Damian, he is 20 and a great guy. We might be baptizing in the waterfall of Gorbea if not in the church, so I should finally have pictures for you all! Yay, but it’s going to be a good week because its full, PT Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday is the interview for Damian, Friday the conference and Saturday the baptism so YAY for us. 

Physical therapy isn’t doing anything, it still hurts at the end of the day the same and I need my brace to walk all day. I’m going to see a doctor next week to see if there is anything else that can help or what to do, rest is what I think I need but I’ll ask a professional because I just want to know.

Congrats to Nancy for the twins, I hope they are doing better! 

Sorry this is short, know that I love you all and I miss you very much.
Love Elder Kyle Allen

April 9, 2012

I just hope that no one gets mad if there is no letter but some notes for you
-started PT and its nice and all but im not feeling much improvement
-we put a baptismal date with someone, which is huge because in this zone, its very very hard to baptize, and in this sector specifically.

Love Elder Kyle Allen

April 2, 2012

Well General Conference was amazing, I love having that small room with Americans listening in English. There is just a feeling there that is amazing and so much fun as well. I forgot all my notes back at the house so I am sorry I can’t reflect on the talks the way I would like to but I’ll try to bring them next week. I do remember 2 things though that I want to share:
1. When the choir sang Come Thou Fount, the spirit was sooooo strong. I remember that you could cut it with a knife it was so powerful, I absolutely loved it. Andrew could you do that Google doc thing with the track of them singing. I heard that you can download from the church website.
2. I notice that a few times the speakers quoted 2 Nephi 25:26 and that was cool because I use that scripture all the time here. Question for all of you, what does that scripture mean to you, and I’m not just looking for the simple answer but one deeper, if you could all study it and then tell me next week I would love that, if you have time you too Trevor. 
3. David Archuleta was in the missionary choir and he is coming to Chile, could he be in my mission?  Ha-ha that would make Andie pretty tripped out huh Trevor? Ha-ha

So we had a fun General Conference as I’m sure you can imagine. Today we just went to Pitrufquen and ate with the zone, didn’t really do anything more than that. It was fun because it was very relaxing and I wanted a day to just sit and enjoy myself. 

I didn’t start anything with my ankle this week, we ran out of minutes in our cell last week and we weren’t able to contact president and tell him that I needed anything so I will be doing that this week because we just got more minutes, so hopefully this week I can start, or the next on, we will see.

So my companion is sick with a bad cough and it’s hard for both of us to sleep. He coughs all night and I wake up to every cough, we are both exhausted a lot. Just goes to show you that fall has begun here, and our mission president told us it’s going to be a very cold and wet winter. Not terribly excited about that because working in the rain is kind of spirit breaking, ha-ha. Man Andrew I don’t know how you did it. But it’s still good weather so we are happy, for now.

So how is everything going? The wedding all planned and what not? Oh how did the pictures turn? Dad sent me one and I printed it out for my room here because everyone thinks Andrew is my little brother and that this is no way that he is older and getting married so I printed that for proof. Ha-ha and my companion didn’t like it because Andrew looks happy, ha-ha that’s what you get for having a companion from Columbia.

So yah that’s what’s going on with me, we didn’t have our investigator at the general conference so that was sad, but he had to stay in Temuco and work so hopefully this weekend he will come to Gorbea and we can talk to him

Love you all
Elder Kyle Allen

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

March 26, 2012

Well, I’m not being transferred, so that’s nice, I’m staying here with my same companion and that’s good because we get along and everything. So yes I’m happy we will be getting another 6 weeks together. I am officially the oldest in my zone though, so that’s really weird, but that’s what we get for having a zone way out in the middle of nowhere.

About the ankle, it turns out that they want me to go to a physical therapy type thing, 10 sessions of it and if that works YEAH, if not they have more tests to run. they said that 9 out of 10 people get it fixed by doing this therapy thing, but he said that those 9 out of 10 people get this within the first 6 months of the accident, and because I have been walking on it for a year and a half, he is hoping that it will work, but if not, I don’t know, he has some other plans of exams and what not.

We had interviews this past week, and that was fun, it’s always fun talking with President because he seems to be more down to earth with us lately. And plus, Elder Pliler is an assistant and he was my companion so I love seeing him. He is a great guy and that was a fun time with him in Renaico. 

We don’t really have any set investigators so this past cambio has been just about contacting. But there is a boyfriend of a girl here that visits every other weekend and we teach him on the Sundays that he is here. He is great and I think we will put a baptismal date with him soon, because he listens and is really nice, we just want to make sure that he understands it all and will do it for the gospel not for the girl.

We are also making a huge push to receive more references from the members here because the contacting isn’t working for us, and statistically we baptism way more of the references that we receive then the contacts we do. President Swenson said like 1.3 of every 1000 contacts is a baptism, bit 1 of every 20 references are baptized so we are making a huge push. But that all depends on the members here as well because we can bug and be all nice and everything but if they don’t feel like it we won’t get anything.

So I’m hoping that the PT type thing can start this week, but other than that I don’t know what’s going to happen this week. OH GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! Man I’m excited for that!!! Best weekend ever! 

Ps I found this video from the church website, sooooo pumped!!!
It’s so weird, before the mission I would only get pumped like this if there was a BYU football game or a brave’s baseball game, but General Conference on the mission is sooo much fun. I sure hope we have an English room!

Happy birthday to dad and grandpa, sorry I missed them, but hey I will be home next time to tell you in person!!

Love you all
Elder Kyle Allen

March 19, 2012

So we find out what happens this Saturday with transfers, and I’m very unsure, depends on what the doctor tells me tomorrow really, because if I need to get off it then I might be going to the office, if I’m fine I might stay here because me and my companion are getting along great.
So this last week we had a surprise conference in Los Angeles and that took up our entire Wednesday. We had to drop all plans and go, which was tough because we actually had a meeting but we have it this week so we are ok. We received a reference from a member of a recent wife that isn’t a member but her husband is, and she actually listens so we are super excited about that, we actually might baptize in Gorbea, first time in 6 months apparently, so that would be awesome.
Tomorrow I have the doctor and on Wednesday we have interviews with president, our whole zone so that will be nice. I will be able to talk to him about what I find out tomorrow and we can get this whole ankle thing planned and figured out, for once. 
I got a package last week; it was that one that told me Happy St. Patrick’s Day, that was awesome, thank you so much, I loved it
Tomorrow I hit 7months until I come home, that’s a crazy thought, I have been out a while and am one of the old guys here in the mission. 
I’m sorry this is lacking know I miss you all and love you all so much
Elder Kyle Allen