Tuesday, March 6, 2012

January 16, 2012

So this week I went to Concepcion to do my 2nd visa but my companion had to do his carnet more soon then I had to do mine so we did his. That means next week I have to go back to Concepcion so that is not the most fun but hey that means I get to visit a giant city again so that’s cool

We are doing a lot of work with re-activating members here because when I was here 6months ago there was like 200 people at church and Sunday we had 120 so I think it’s in the best effort of the branch if I work on re-activation, so that’s my huge focus this cambio. Also the branch President said that one of my converts was a bad convert and never stays for the other meetings at church and that is completely untrue she stays for all and has only missed once while I was gone, and leaves with the missionaries of Lota Medio all the time, so we had a little fight and he has had it out for me for a while now because of that so I wasn’t exactly welcomed back by him but the others yah.

I saw President of the mission today and he was really excited when I came in and gave me a huge hug and was so nice and it felt really nice, so I’m happy he is here, I miss the Swenson everyday but he is a great guy, there are weird changes in the mission but he is a great guy.

So as Andrew pointed out, 10 days, woooot! I have been counting down for a while, shocker, but hey it’s my big 21 so I feel like I’m justified to count down. I’m planning on spending it with my converts from Lota Medio so that’s what I’m doing, ha-ha

So we had a meeting in the north this past week and it was fun, nice to see all the guys that are in the north again. I have to say goodbye to Jackson this cambio and that’s going to be super tough like saying goodbye to Myer. Speaking of which family here is his email, get in contact, mom? nathanael.meyr@gmail.com

At least chat with him for my birthday, ha-ha

So yah this week is pretty lame with the need to go to Concepcion again, I’m hoping that we can get there earlier and get it done faster

Today I ate a sandwich that was 1kilo and it had fries and eggs on it, soooo good, I’ll send pics next week because the computer re-booted when I started uploading them so I’ll try again next week.

Well I’m sorry there wasn’t much; I love you all so so so much, have a good week and enjoy the snow!!!

Elder Kyle Allen

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