Tuesday, March 6, 2012

February 27, 2012

So this is welcome from Gorbea.  I had a transfer last week.  I am going to answer all moms questions and expand on a few just for you all because I think that it is going to be my whole letter anyway so thanks mom for the good questions

Tell me about the house/apartment that you live in?  bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen,  
Well it’s a house, and it has 2 stories so that’s a first for me, but it’s very small, one bed, one bath, and I don’t know if you can call it a kitchen but it is a sink and a fridge

Are you walking or on bikes?
all walking, and it’s a very spacious sector so we walk a lot and it’s crazy

Someone to cook for you?  Laundry?
we only have lunch 4 days of the week so we get a little more money to cook for ourselves, and there is someone that we pay to wash our clothing yes!

What is the town like?
it’s very very spacious, so it may look bigger in space but it’s very small, still a town.

What is the weather like?  
very cold and rainy, it’s like Oregon, ha-ha

What about the ward?
very small and very inactive, we are trying to do lots of reactivating but we don’t know much about the sector so it’s very hard

Your companion?  
He is from Columbia, lives in the Bogota south mission so if that is Aaron’s mission he says that his family will take him in like family because I am his family right now. He has 8 months in the mission and is district leader; we are co-companions so that’s fun. I’m the oldest in the mission in my zone, that’s weird, and we are in the smallest zone in the mission. There are only 5 companionships and we are in the middle of nowhere pretty much, ha-ha. So yah, oh and my companion only has one more week than me in the sector so we both don’t know where anything is, and we both have never been in the south before so we get lost a lot, ha-ha

Grocery stores?  Fast food places?
Yes, but they are small grocery stores, and there are more fast food type places but fast food doesn’t exist here in Chile like it does in the states. So there are a lot of junk food places here.

What type of place are you in to write this letter? 
I’m in a cyber as they call them, it’s like a small building with lots of computers all hooked up to the same internet so that’s why it always stinks, ha-ha

I bought myself a satchel bag to work in instead of my backpack because it’s easier to keep dry and I am obligated to carry less so I’m learning to be more dependent on my scriptures searching skills and less on notes I’ve taken in different note books of good scriptures. I needed more extra money for my bus rides to Temuco, because it cost me like 25-30$ to make the change in sector because I went from one end to the other, so yah that was my fun spending

About the pictures, that is my new companion, and ask Andrew what the sign we are holding says, it’s pretty funny because we tried to get that church in the background on purpose, ha-ha

Know that I love you all so very much, and that I am doing better, just trying my hardest to get work on being a great servant to the Lord. 

Elder Kyle Allen

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