Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 2, 2012

I loved our Christmas call.  It was so great to talk with you. 

The big news -- whelp it’s that time to leave Renaico, so I am off to Lota, yes the city I’ve already been in. I will be in the same branch as I was and able to see all my old converts but I am in a different sector, Lota alto not Lota medina, and will live in a different house.
I don’t have huge amounts of time because I need to say good bye to lots of people and still finish packing but it was really great to hear that I’m off to Lota, I love that city so much, it was my favorite sector and I’m close enough to Concepcion we are allowed to go on p-days.
Goodbye Renaico

All by myself on New Year's Eve

Well I’m sorry I don’t have much to say but yah, enjoy your week!
We had interviews with the President this past week and that was great, I’ve grown a lot closer with him lately, not like the instant connection with the Swenson’s but it’s getting there for sure.
I got your package with the card, thank you so much, it’s very needed and helpful.
I had to say goodbye to Elder Myer which was really really hard. He said he wants to visit for my birthday and has our home address, I’ll try to give the home number as well.
Elder Jackson leaves at the end of this new cambio so that will be really hard as well, but hey luckily all my very close friends are from the states so I can visit them again. Mom, if Elder Myer calls you need to make a pie for him, I talked up your pies because I miss them so so so much, and I can’t be a liar, ha-ha
I have to do my 2nd visa and carnet this coming p-day I think, so I don’t know when ill be on the internet but if I’m not on like normal that is why. 
Packing is so hard, I hate doing it as well, it’s so annoying because you don’t think you gained a lot of stuff over the few months in the sector, then you realize that packing gets harder and harder and you have gotten a lot more stuff. It’s crazy and annoying at the same time if you get what I’m saying.
Love Elder Kyle Allen

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