Monday, September 26, 2011

September 26, 2011

Yes we are all crazy excited for general conference here!!! We get to go to Angol and watch in the biggest Church I’ve ever seen, it’s like a boarding school I’m not even joking! And we get to listen in English which I’m really excited about, our numbers won’t be the best for this week but that’s ok because we get to listen to the most amazing weekend ever.

Sorry my camera has not been working the past 2 weeks and I have been trying to fix it to take pictures for you all but I can’t seem to get it yet, still working though, I don’t get it but it just takes all black pictures, not sure why but they just show up as black.

So this week we put a fecha with a girl that missionaries have been working with for a long long time. She will be baptized on the 8th and we are pumped! She is nice but crazy lazy, turns out she just needs chocolate to go to church, ha-ha.

We are also having success in Tijeral (the small city that we work in Tuesday and Friday) and are going to baptize a guy and his wife, people in the branch of Tijeral say all the time that it’s impossible to baptize there but we are going to show them! Ha-ha.

One quick interjection here:


Dang Andrew, this is so weird you have no idea! I don’t even know what to think man, it’s just crazy, obviously good thoughts but you know what I mean? It’s ridiculously mind blowing my bro is engaged...
And happy B-day grandma, early I know but at least I got it in right?

So yah we are excited here for this weekend, and on October 31st, it’s a Monday so it’s a pday and we are having a mission conference, the whole mission is coming to Renaico, so we don’t have to go anywhere, its awesome, the whole mission will be in my sector, I’m really really excited for that. It is next cambio and it is the first of my lasts, if that makes sense.  And hey when does Cory get back? Really really soon right?

So I’m pretty sure that everything is live here for GC because priesthood session is like 9-11pm, ha-ha. So we won’t be home until like midnight, 1230 ish. Because we have to go to Angol for it, there aren’t any busses that late so I’m hoping a member will be able to take us home, and I don’t want to take busses all this weekend because we have to come back after each session I’m pretty sure, not 100% we will find out next letter, ha-ha.

You  should be getting a Skype from Andrew, so that’s my little check for him to do it right (I’m talking about the package I sent him). And just a general FYI, the relief society president from the Renaico branch is in the US for 2-3weeks and I gave her a package with a few notes for you all, and she is willing to bring me a package back (free shipping, man I’m sorry she did tell us until this week because it was a quick planned thing on her part or she just didn’t tell us until now) and so if you want anything to get sent back with her, tell Andrew and he should have a way to keep in contact with her, and to Andrews joy, she only speaks Spanish, well Chilean (Chile Spanish) so he gets to experience what I get every day, hope she uses all the words that only Chile uses.

Well know I love you all, hope you are ok
Always thinking of you all
Elder Kyle Allen

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