Thursday, September 8, 2011

August 29, 2011

I will join the very very few number of people to only have spent 1 cambio in a sector. That’s right; I’m leaving Yumbel and going to Renaico. My companion that I’m still with for today was in Renaico and loved it; it was his favorite sector so he is very excited for me. I am leaving Yumbel because he is training so that’s why I’m leaving. My new companion is Elder Pliler (don’t know if I spelled that right) but he is an American so I will get some English as well, which is awesome. I hear that he is a really happy fun guy, so we will see how this all goes down, but Elder Myer (I lived with him in Lota for the 2 cambio was there)he is an assistant and he knows all, so I’m sure he put me with someone that I can deal with, you get what I’m saying.

So yes I am off to the zone of Angol, its south so it will be a lot colder and more rain I hear because September doesn’t get warmer it just rains more, so I’m not terribly excited for that but that’s just the season. I’m not going to lie, I will miss wearing a jacket in the summer though, and I have grown very fond of this black jacket.

Thank you for the long emails, they were great and my fun imaginative brain was able to picture it all, especially mom busting a cap on a blue jay, totally doable by the way because the nationals stink! (Please dad and Trevor get my baseball joke...) speaking of baseball, how are my Braves doing, its winding down and getting close to the post season right? And did BYU play or is that in September?

So this week was the same as normal, I did have an empanada with chicken today and that was good, it was not the traditional empanada so I liked that. September. 18th is like Chile’s July 4th and there will be a butt load of tradition that day so I will spend my first 18th in Renaico, I wanted to spend it in a place where I knew the people well and could have a fun day celebrating but looks like I’ll have to find an awesome family for that in Renaico. Jackson, my old companion that I loved being with is in angol as well so I get to see him once a week and hang out with him on pdays as well so I’m excited for that, for sure.

I hear that Renaico is really campo (ask Andrew for the translation because there really is no good word in English for it) but yah, and I hear rumors that it’s the only sector that has bikes, or that some elders there had bikes at one point, that is exciting.... ha-ha.

So yes, I’m going south for the winter/spring (spring doesn’t exist in Chile just summer and winter) so this is interesting. And I was thinking:
3 in Lebu
2 in Lota
1 in Yumbel
That’s weird and curious; maybe I will get an emergency transfer tonight and actually have 0 in Renaico, ha-ha

Mom, Dad -- that day at the beach sounds really cool, I actually miss the beach, even though I have only gone 6weeks without it, because Lebu and Lota were on the beach and I saw it every day, but its different being in the middle of Chile. Although I totally am in the Oregon part of Chile, grey clouds, cold, rainy, and lots of trees.

Hope you all have a good week, love you all and will write about a new place next week, so look forward to that.

Love you, Elder Kyle Allen

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