Thursday, September 8, 2011

September 5, 2011

Well, I am in the sector called Renaico but we work in 2 cities, well, cities is a big word, more town ish areas? I don’t know, it’s weird but yah. We work in Tijeral Tuesdays and Fridays and Renaico the rest of the week. Every Sunday we do splits because we have 2 branches to watch over, one in Tijeral and one in Renaico. Tijeral is more like Yumbel, 15 people went Sunday including me, and Renaico is more like Lebu, 43 people went. So, yah, that’s the interesting thing here, oh and we have bikes, that’s awesome, so awesome but I haven’t ridden a bike in years so I had to re learn because the bikes we have stink and don’t have a back brake and the tires are beyond worn down but it’s a bike none the less.

Questions from mom:
1. What is your home like?  Bedrooms, bathroom. Kitchen?  
The home is really nice; we have a small small small living with 2 personal arm chairs, sooooo nice. A fair kitchen, a small bathroom, a huge bed room with a wood stove and each person gets a dresser (that’s a first), then a room for the bikes, a room for the luggage, and a room with another full sized couch (it's my relax room)

2.  What are the sleeping arrangements?  Bunk beds, futons? 
 We both have personal beds and they are comfortable (for once) and in a big room, so that is amazing

3. Branch or ward?
It's 2 branches so I still have not been in a ward, I’m waiting for that privileged day

4.  Tell us about your companion?  Any other missionaries serving in your area?  
His name is Elder Pliler from Utah, and it is just us in the house. He is awesome and so funny, we make those dumb awkward jokes all the time together, like that breakfast was eggs-alent! Ha-ha and dumb jokes like that, we quote a lot of movies and he is the district leader. We also bought a sack of potatoes and carried it 3-4 miles home, sooooo heavy.

5.  What is the town like?  Stores?  Banks?  Traffic lights?  Restaurants?  
Very small and spread out, there are no supermarkets just little candy type stores with the basics that you need. No banks and 2 traffic lights. We go into Angol for food on Tuesdays when we have zone meeting

6.  Are you walking everywhere?  How are the shoes holding up?  
We walk about half the week, a lot less than other sectors. The shoes are doing fine because I still use the Nikes the most except when it rains, but yah I think they will last, I hope.

7.  What is the weather like there?  Warmer or colder than Yumbel?
Its colder then Yumbel but not at night, it’s a little warmer, it has been sunny some days and rainy the others. Its bi-polar weather here

8.  I think that I read that you are close to a river, is that true?  
There is one close but I’m not sure I have not seen it; it’s not like Yumbel where you have to cross like all the time

9.  When is the next conference?  Have you gotten a second package from me recently?  Is there a faster way to get things to you? 
It’s this Wednesday I think, I’m not sure, but I have not gotten anything yet because I have not had a conference until the next one, so yah. I don’t think there is any faster way, to be totally honest, I’ll ask around. 

10.  Scripture covers yet?
Nope, we will see on Wednesday but I highly doubt it. He sends them into the mission office for the missionaries. I'll email him to ask when I should get them but it normally takes a long time

11.  Where do you go to email us?  
There is a cyber in the middle of the town where an inactive member works, we go there, not sure how else to describe.

12.  Anyone helping you -- cooking for you?  Doing laundry?  
Yes we have lunches here, but we do still cook because me and Elder Pliler like to make food and its fun because we talk like French chefs to each other, and we try to make fun healthy things. And yes someone does laundry, so I’m more happy about how it runs here.

So yah that’s how it all works here, I have some funny pictures that I will send the next time that I can get on, and we might start taking funny videos together, we will see.

The 18th of September is Chile’s July 4th so we will have a huge party on that day here in Chile, lots of traditional foots and dances ill try to capture that, and mom I loved that photo idea, I will try it for sure.

I really hope that this isn’t the last time I’ll be writing for 2 weeks, because that sounds really hard, like really really hard. It’s hard enough being on the other side of the world, but not being able to talk to you all will kill me. But the mission president has told us that we may not be able to email next week because some Elders were not being obedient with their internet privileges.  So the whole mission will go without email for one week. 

Everyone says the sector I am in I will see lots of success, so I’ll fill you in on that one if it’s true, ha-ha. Elder Escobillana was really excited for me to come here because it was his favorite sector, so I am glad that it’s thought so highly of, but of course, Yumbel was so highly though of and that was tough.

Well I have to go, know I love you all!

OOOHH—most importantly about the letters, the ones I mail out I keep getting returned to sender (the letters to Hilary, Meagan, Denise and Martha) so I’m really sorry, mail from Chile is not reliable but to Chile is, so keep that in mind!  Hilary, Martha, Denise and Megan – sorry I did try to write.  Thank you for your letters, they keep me going.

Love you all, Elder Kyle Allen

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