Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October 3, 2011

So just so you all know, we didn’t get to watch any of general conference on  Saturday because the internet here in the city was completely out, so yah we are trying to download now the sessions but it’s not looking amazing, so yah we will see what we can do with what we have.
As far as transfers anything could happen this Saturday because Elder Pliler could be training and I could be kicked out of the sector again like I was last cambio or he could go up and I could go up too, not sure at all! So we will see Saturday.
I’m still working on the camera problem because I think it might be some weird sensor reading problem but I’m not sure. I’m still working as I said which is sad cause we have had lots of funny moments.
So yes we are working on watching general conference and all that, because we heard we really missed out on some great sessions and Elder Holland only talked during priesthood session so we need to watch that.
We have a baptism planned for this Friday so I’m hoping that is still going down, she is a very odd person, ha-ha so we need to check with her every day this week, I think we are going by tonight to see her. But yah that’s really exciting for us, but sad because I have never worked so hard as this cambio and we only have her progressing and we didn’t even find her, she has been investigating the church for like a year. I don’t know, at least we have a baptism.
Few things from dads email about the priesthood talk I didn’t see:
For Trevor--
Those three things are soooo important but I would say the 3 most important things to do to prepare for a mission are these
1) Like he said, have YOUR OWN testimony of the BOM. Don’t have any crutching on others for that, know 100% for yourself its true. Try as hard as you can to get that.
2) Like he said, have the desire to work. Don’t go in thinking you will get better, things will come, because if you don’t come in 100% its soooo hard to get that, I am still learning that every day
3) Most important I think, don’t think that because you will be a missionary that things will change. Don’t think that with the mantel that it will be easier, that you will have a stronger line in prayer with God. Nothing just comes...
But yah that’s all I really got for now
So yah how are you all doing? I hope you are having fun!
Congrats to Ty Davis, that’s crazy!!! Africa, man you are going to come back with a whole new world’s perspective! Props man
Love you all
Elder Kyle Allen

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