Thursday, September 8, 2011

August 22, 2011

Well it’s the last week of the cambio this week and so Saturday I will find out if I stay, my comp stays, we both stay or we both go, so this is pretty big Saturday for me.

Nothing else is new, but here are some of the answers to your questions

Tell us about the open house. 
We have not had it yet so that is in a few weeks I think. I don’t know the branch is excited about it because it is going to be a community thing that the missionaries are doing for them so they just have to show up and be normal, ha-ha.

Is your comp well? 
Yah he is better but you know it’s bad weather here. It’s warming up so summer is beginning but yah; we are just waiting for the weather to get better. I bought a hot water holder for my bed because at night my feet are freezing.

Good spiritual experiences.
Well he had a new family and the dad wants us to go with him to teach his brothers and his mom, so he is driving us every week to that house. And that huge because no one has a car and if they do, gas here is crazy expensive. So he is awesome and testified to his family it was true after only one lesson with him, it’s crazy, and amazing, he really is great. So we have a fecha next month.

Letters and packages?  
Still none, I’m guessing the end of the month or next, I’ve gotten past the no I can’t wait thing because it takes forever to get anything here, and it’s annoying but that is life.

oh and I have 10months in the mission, that means 14 more, crazy I’m almost a year in this thing, I’m almost half way through. 

y también puedo entender todo, bueno casi todo. no puedo hablar perfectamente y tengo problemas con vocabulario y cosas como eso, pero estoy mejorando y mi compañero dice el mismo. es tan difícil escribir en español pero necesito ¿verdad? Andrew, voy a tratar a escribir a tu mas en español porque te gusta,  pero por favor trate escribir en ingles también porque solamente lunes puedo leer ingles.

Ok there is some Spanish for you, it’s weird, that the first time spell checker hasn’t said every word is wrong because I write in English and it checks for Spanish words, ha-ha.

So I made some brownies today for the birthday of a member’s mom, the ovens here are so weird and they like work for a little then stop, then go crazy, and she owns a restaurant so it’s a "good oven" man it’s insane, I do miss the good old American kitchens.

So I won’t have conference or any big mission thing until next cambio, I’m hoping that the package will come then and possibly some letters? No idea and do you know if any of my letters are getting there to anyone? Like Denise, Hilary, Martha, Kevin? I sent some of them a while ago and am waiting for a reply; I’m hoping that mail from Chile is reliable because so far mail to Chile is.

Well know I love you all, and I’m sorry if my letter is lacking there just really is not much different here when we do the same thing every day, ha-ha keep safe and stay classy

Love Elder Kyle Allen

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