Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19, 2011

Well it’s been a long 2 weeks

This month is the month of sanctification, as you may have found out, we are doing a butt load of thinks to "sanctify the mission" one was the week without internet and we took the entire p-day to do nothing but super cleaning in our house. Wow that was pretty awful I’m not going to lie, ha-ha. We are also changing the norms for the mission for the month, 12 lessons with members, 12 news (a new is you need to enter the house and place a return visit, entering the house is the key) and 300 contacts each week. It’s ridiculous, seriously. The contacts are numbers to me now, and I don’t feel it’s at all what the contacts are supposed to be, but it’s the norm for the month. And entering 12 houses a week, that’s seriously almost impossible, its ridiculously hard cause no one seems to want to listen to us.

But yah that’s what is up with the month and its ridiculously hard and stressful, and really trying us physically and emotionally, it’s all about numbers to me now and I hate that. I don’t feel like it’s the people anymore it’s just a goal that we need to make. And my comp is the district leader with the zone leaders in our district so we are much pressured to do it every week.

Well September 11 here in Chile is the day of the youth revolting or something and they destroy things in the street and fight the cops and everything, it’s awful that such a sad day in the United States is celebrated with all that destruction here.

Sept18 here is the biggest day of the year, it’s their July 4th, it’s insane! But it’s more of a culture thing then a pride day, if you get what I mean. we eat a butt load of empinadas dink moté con wasía which is like a whole dried apricot in water with weird grains and stuff, I can’t describe it very well but at first its soooo gross but after a while you get used to it.

I almost have a year, that’s ridiculous... I’m on the last of my first´s and beginning my lasts sort of speak, I know it will go faster so I will be home in no time and talking to everyone face to face which is awesome!

I still don’t have the scripture cases but I know they will take a long time so I’m not exactly worried, no one in the mission gets them fast the guy takes forever, ha-ha but hey they look cool when they are done so that’s all I care about. And I got the package, thanks soooo much that was amazing and I loved all the candy, it was gone day one and the other elders were very very jealous! It made it totally fine, unopened and all. But I did get return to sender all the letters that I sent home/to friends, so sorry Martha, Hilary, and Denise...

Trevor, I hear that you are taking a lot of IB classes, good luck with that, I couldn’t do that but hey if you can, way to go man!!! Those sound crazy hard and as you know the IB math that I took I dropped it at the semester so that was my experience with the IB program, ha-ha.

Well know that I love you all so very much, that week without the family and friends emails was very hard on me, which just shows how much I love you all.

Love you so much
Elder Kyle Allen

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