Sunday, August 7, 2011

July 18

I am going to Yumbel; it’s an hour and a half travel time outside of Concepcion, so yah, still up north! It’s weird I never have gone south yet, I will spend my first year in the north I have a feeling.

So yah I will be getting my first Latino companion, that’s really scary for me because it’s just us in the house.
Elder Myer is going to be assistant! I’m so excited about that. Elder Nelson is going to train, and Elder Brimhall will be my district leader, it’s crazy!

I don’t want to leave Lota at all but you know what that’s like. I love this sector so much! I just don’t want to go, but I hear that Yumbel was President Swenson's favorite sector and that he wrote out the combios before he left so that means he put me there.

I have so many goodbyes to say today, it’s so crazy and I don’t know how I can say goodbye to everyone. I really don’t want to leave but I know that I have to.

So now I don’t have much more to say because really the huge news is that I’m going, and I need to say goodbye to a lot of people.
Goodbye Dagoberto

Goodbye Lota

I put a lot of photos up on the website, and everything.
Momita in Lota
Searching for a new area


I heard that its vacation week, happy for all of you! That’s awesome, make sure everyone at Sunriver knows I love them and would love to be there, but apparently there are people that need me right now in Yumbel, ha-ha.
Have fun with the family, thanks for all the emails, Andrew and the whole family, enjoy your time all together!
I hear that Google plus is the greatest thing ever! I want to find out more of this soon, ha-ha
Hopefully we will have conference next week and I will get that package because I would love it, ha-ha.
Andrew sorry I didn’t write back, know I love you
To everyone --Thanks for all the support and the love, I feel like it’s not me at all doing the work, and I know it’s not, but I know that all of you are helping me, cause there is absolutely no way that I could do this alone! Love you all so so much
Until next week
Love you all   Elder Kyle Allen

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