Monday, August 8, 2011

August 1, 2011

Well this week was so not as eventful as all of yours, that’s for sure! You all had fun with your vacationing and Sunriver, and I’m glad you all had fun! I loved the pictures, I love pictures in general.  Anyone can send me pictures anytime. 

Let’s begin with today; well there are no ATM's in Yumbel. Yep, there are none, so we had to go to Los Angeles to take out our money today, no big deal just an hour and a half bus ride to there and another back, ha-ha. And it was raining and freezing cold today, so yah that’s been my day, not much but bus and rain.

I got the package, and it was amazing, all the candy is gone, in like 2 days, the fruit leather and my favorite candy gummy cokes, oh I mean Swedish fish (love you so much mom!) were a hit with me and my Chilean comp. Next to the fire that we have to create in our wood stove every night (with pine cones because wood is crazy expensive and pine cones are less expensive to buy). The videos you sent will help, thank you so much, and the pictures were great, I loved getting them because I was getting bored of my others as well.

So we have been working a lot with reactivating members because of the callings that we have and the fact that the attendance  at church is 25 people here in Yumbel, so we are trying to get more priesthood to church so we don’t always have to bless and pass the sacrament. I put a picture of one of the guys we have been working with, and he was baptized by my dad Elder Goddard so the circle goes around!

I put up pictures we took at his house, because he has some fun stuff to play with, for sure, ha-ha

So this week we have more of the same, but I am going on an intercambio with Elder Palmer (someone that was in my MTC group) so that will be really fun because he is awesome! Real men come from Blanding Utah, that is for sure.

I think we are going to the place where is the HUGE snow storm in out mission that’s putting Chile in a state of emergency for the people living up there next P-day, ha-ha so ill send pictures for sure

Mom can you send me a brownie (like really good brownie) recipe?

So I learned how to make some Chilean food, very excited to see if I can remember how to make them... ha-ha its pretty much like making your own bread but frying it because we are in Chile and everything is fried or just has oil in it for "taste"
Well I don’t have much more to say, I love you all so much, stay safe and know I love you!
Elder Kyle Allen

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