Saturday, July 16, 2011

July 11, 2011

I forwarded the pictures of the whole mission with President and Sister Swenson, hope you all enjoy, and all of us with white ties was to show we all baptized while they were our president, I think?

I find out Saturday July 16th  if I leave Lota on Tuesday July 19th or if I stay with Elder Nelson another combio, I love Lota and it would be tough to leave.  

I hear you all have a hectic few weeks soon, vacation time it is! Oh and dad you can’t do the minute to win it card throw because we all know that I am so much better then you at it, ha-ha. Oh and I have been keeping up my skills with pass along cards so a rematch would be useless, ha-ha

This week we found out that a recent convert of Jackson, my last comp, is not allowed to go to church anymore and her mom is trying to strike her from the records so that she is no longer a member of the church. We aren’t allowed to visit and neither are the members. It’s really tough for us because she is one of the strongest members I’ve ever seen, even stronger then some of the members all their lives. So yah pray for her, her name is Gissela (the G is an H sound in English).

I’m talking with Elder Brimhall right now and we both agree that we miss taco bell and 7/11 slurpies. Sad moments for us, but yah that’s what we do when we have gringos in the same cyber writing home. Ha-ha

So this week was a little tough because we only had 1person in church, and that was tough because we had a lot of people saying that they would, so yah we will need to find out what happened with them. Betsabé was way too busy for us to visit her and we are having some problems with her so we are trying again with her. but last night we were contacting and this guy was on the corner of the street and invited us to take once with him (it's like a snack at night time, not at 11pm Andrew, ha-ha)

Oh, I deposited the money for the scripture cases that’s why there is a huge chunk out of my bank account, thanks for that, I’ve been so lazy and not doing it but finally did.  I got a receipt in my wallet so that way I should always have proof. It didn’t say the name I put it into on the receipt so that is kind of sketchy but missionaries all over Chile do this so I have faith that it will work.  It was just weird doing it, I had to get help from a banker here and the whole time she was like ”freaking gringos...." ha-ha it was really funny cause I understood her!

So it’s really really cold here now, I’m wearing a scarf now, and it’s very fashionable, I must say, ha-ha. it’s something I will totally wear back home because my neck is crazy warm now and I never realized how much that helped, so yes get all the jokes out, I am using a scarf, and I enjoy it very very much.

I am trying to get the guys here in Lota to make a shirt with me, but it is a bit expensive so I don’t know, I want to design one but we need to do a lot to get the price down. If I can get it down enough so that it is reasonable I so want to but it’s tough you know? Oh money, why are you the life blood of the world?

bueno, este parte es mas para Andrew porque él necesita saber que puedo hablar en español, entiendo muchas mas que puedo hablar, pero puedo hacerlo. es tan dificil a veses pero estoy tratando porque necestito, ovio. espero que este fue correcto, espero, jajaja.

Yah that’s some Spanish for you, hope it all worked out and was right, ask Andrew to translate, he will get what I’m trying to say better then Google translate will, I’m guessing because gringos understand gringo Spanish much better

I hope all of you are doing ok and enjoying yourselves, stay busy and safe, and keep up the un in your vacationing.

Trevor, don’t get too tan! you don’t want to look like a fake person from southern California, you are an Oregonian, wear that pale with pride.

Love you all, I’ll write more next week like always, stay safe

Elder Kyle Allen

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