Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August 8, 2011

Antuca LA North and LA South Zones
Family – Here are some answers to your many questions

How was your first interview with the new Mission President?
He is really relaxed and chill, he just joked around with me and it was great, took a lot of stress off me in that aspect.

Do you still walk everywhere? Bikes?
Yes, walk everywhere; there are no sectors in the mission that has bikes, its walking my whole mission unless I’m an assistant or an office elder

What are the dogs like in Yumbel?
They aren’t as bad to me; my comp was attacked last cambio when he was here so we will have to see.

Any good places to eat?
Well there is a member that owns a restaurant (trust me, they are WAY DIFFERENT then in the states) that’s pretty good, we eat there every Sunday, but other than that no
What do you do for groceries?
There is a store, we go to like 3 times a week, I buy a lot of bread and cereal and eggs and cheese. Dad there is a cereal here with little mini whoppers in it, soooo good, ha-ha
The weather look like it is raining for the rest of the week there. Do you feel like you are back in Oregon?
Kind of, it’s pretty but a different language and the houses are soooo different. Ha-ha

I read that there is a river that runs through Yumbel. What is that like?
It’s like really small and crazy dirty; it bends around our house so our house is crazy cold

Have you had to conduct Sacrament meeting yet?
Yes, next 3 weeks the branch president will be in Concepcion for work so it’s just the 1st councilor and me, even scarier.
How was your split with the other missionaries?
It was good; I went with Elder Palmer, who was with me in the MTC so I had a good time being co-comps for a night

Well today we had the chance to go to Antuco which is like Provo valley covered in snow with the zones LA north and LA south. There are Latinos in our zone that have never seen snow so we went for them, wasn’t anything new for me, but yah it was fun. We had a BBQ but it was over 5 hours of bus rides for me and my comp because it’s like an hour and a half from our sector to Los Angeles where we always meet.

So this week we had the mission goal of 490 contacts. we didn’t make it, but we did beat the norm number which is good, and we got 21 news, yep Andrew and dad that’s true, 21 news in a week (a new is someone that you enter their house and make a return visit appointment) they aren’t all good but yah it makes up for the shortage of contacts because I hate contacts soooo much. It’s just fighting with Catholics here.

So this week is pretty normal, but to answer dad’s question, my calling in the branch presidency is every day. We have to do a lot of visits to regain members and visit all week. We have branch council meetings and I have to plan branch activities meaning I have to be at all the activities.

On Sundays I bless the sacrament, then pass it, then conduct... its fun... ha-ha

So this upcoming week we have a zone conference for all the zones in the middle of the mission and I get to see Elder Jackson again, finally, I’m really excited for that for sure, other than that it’s a normal week, lots of working, lots of rain, fun fun fun.

Make sure to tell Kevin Perry Happy Birthday for me because I miss that guy.

I love you all, thanks for everything, know I’m thinking of you always

Elder Kyle Allen

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