Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30, 2011

Well today was/is going to be real fun, I was a testigo (witness) for a wedding this morning, that’s what the picture is of. And they wanted us in street clothes because they see us in nice clothes all the time, so they really wanted us to look normal for once. Natalie is going to be baptized this Saturday, and Edgard will be, but not yet, we are still really working with him. He was baptized Evangelical and I think he just doesn’t want to feel like he was wrong, so he is a tad bit prideful in that aspect but he is the funniest guy and a great friend now, he is awesome.

We also have 2 more fechas for this Saturday, but we will see how they work out. Dagoberto is on, he has had problems with smoking, drinking, and doing drugs, so we will see if he is still doing that, if not we are baptizing him this Saturday because he really wants to and he is the funniest guy even though his language is not the best, ha-ha. My vocab at his house has grown/ I have grown a filter to some words, ha-ha. The other is Monica, she also has had some problems with smoking so we will see if she has fallen, if not we want to baptize her this Saturday because she wants it as well. Anyway, that’s the big news this week, ill fill the rest of the email up because I love sitting at computers and typing, makes me feel at home and relaxed and all.

So we had a BBQ (the Chilean version and that is without BBQ sauce because they don’t know what that is) at Natalie´s house today after the wedding and that was fun. We met a girl that spoke English, and was a vegetarian. She thinks eating animals is so cruel, but fed some beef to a dog, I found that ironic. But yah that was funny. Anyway and we are having another one for lack of better words "dinner" from our branch mission leader, so that’s pretty awesome. We will be filling up on the meat tonight, for sure.

We have a lot going for us here, a lot more investigators than I ever had in Lebu so that’s really fun, and the branch here is super awesome, so I’m liking it for sure here in Lota.

We had our last interviews with President on Thursday and that was sad, he said he is buying a house in Utah so that will be great.  I will want a visit there for sure, possibly a dinner. Hermana Swenson offered so I’d love to take them up on that one, ha-ha.

Hopefully Elder Jackson will stay with me for one more cambio, he only has one more than me here, and he is awesome so I think he will, but yah, I want to stay with him. We work well together, and it would be great to stay with him.

But yah that has been my time here, oh and I went on an intercambio with an assistant Thursday and he offended 2 investigators of ours, we had to go back and talk to them, so yah that was funny and scary at the same time, they told us they love us way more, ha-ha. But yah thought I would slip that in there, ha-ha

love you all stay safe and all that jazz.
Elder Kyle Allen

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