Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 16, 2011

Today we went to the municipal building with 2 investigators and were testigos for them, meaning witnesses. yep we are marrying a couple on May 30th and the wife wants to be baptized the day of the wedding.  We are still working with the guy because he isn’t as ready be she is. So yah we are marrying someone! That’s so tough and rarely happens here, big day for us. we had a family home evening last week with them and pretty much laid it on the line, if they were to die tomorrow they would be sinning so they said yah you are right and finally set a date. We went to the government building today to set the date with the government and are doing it on the 30th just in case Elder Jackson leaves at the end of this cambio (but it’s his 2nd here in Lota so I don’t think he will). But yah that’s a huge deal. The people had been investigating for a long long time, I’m like the 4th or 5th new missionary, she is 24 and he is 22. So yah, big day for us. And that’s about all I really have new. Did a lot of contacting but to no avail, as you know.

So I don’t know if I told you but they changed the hour of our schedule and stuff. we no longer wake up at 7, and go to bed at 11, it’s now a half an hour earlier, which stinks because 630 is soooo much harder than 7 for some reason, I have no idea why but it’s just a lot harder.

I’m going to try again to upload those pictures of McDonalds and our fun in Concepcion today so look for those, hopefully it works, because I don’t know what else to send home, I’m sitting here trying to think what I can tell you but there really is nothing huge or really new, hahaha.

Ok they are shutting down the computers for a little so I’ll be back and write more and finish my time on the computer, love you all Elder Allen

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