Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 9, 2011

There isn’t much to say because yesterday was so great and I talked to you all so yah, I'll just write a short, I’m still alive thing here for you.
oovoo video chat for Mother's day
I went to Concepcion and went bowling with the elders from Lota (alto and bajo) it was so much fun, like 2dollars for an hour, pretty sick, and I got 4 strikes, the other bowls were gutters so my score sucked, but yah, it was fun, hahaha.

Then I had McDonalds, it was really good, but crazy expensive, yep I had a big Mac because I can, and it’s the first burger I’ve had since, I don’t know when. But yah it was really good.
I saw Elder Owens and Elder Palmer from my MTC district which was a lot of fun, so we talked for a while but yah that was today.

We have 2 noche de hogar s today so that’s tonight, and work as usual this week.

Tell the "do-ster" (Brother Schade) that I got his letter and I liked that story printed in a very old version of the church magazine, hahaha. Tell him that I enjoyed getting that letter because I was one of the few people that got mail, hahahaha

But yah that’s all I got, sorry if it’s short, thanks for the letters, and the emails, from Alyssa and Hilary in particular because they send me them pretty regularly, hahaha, but yah they are awesome and makes my Mondays so much more interesting and lively, hahahaha

Love you all so much!
Elder Kyle Allen

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