Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 6, 2011

Elder Allen and Elder Jackson
So it was a surprising week. Elder Jackson, my companion,  is being transferred to Angol and becoming a district leader. I thought for sure I would have another combio with him but I was wrong, it kind of sucks, because we had a lot of fun and wanted to stay together but it all happens for a reason huh?

So I will be with elder Nelson, and I don’t know anything about him, but yah that’s my new cambio for 6weeks, I will still be in Lota Medio but with a new companion.

Saturday was Andrews’s birthday and HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY TO YOU, YOU SEXY BROTHER YOU!!!!

Elder Allen, Natalie, and Elder Jackson
We also had a baptism on Saturday which was awesome. Natalie was the one that we married and she got baptized on Saturday. we had another planned (Dagoberto) and he had the interview and passed Friday night, but Saturday 2 hours before the baptism he went and saw a friend and that friend put a butt load of doubts in his head and said he wasn’t ready at all. So he called us up and said he didn’t want to be baptized, we called him a lot and tried to talk to him but nothing worked. He didn’t show up at church either so that was a really depressing thing that just all of a sudden happened. We dropped by his house last night and he wasn’t there and his phone is now off so I don’t know what to do about that. But yah other than that, great Saturday! hahaha.

So we got the footy pajamas and I must say, they are amazing. For just 10mil (about 20$ us) they are awesome, hahaha I love sleeping as Batman, hahaha and I must say, I look very like him, ish. They were a lot of fun, and some nights we have fights as our super heroes. Oh and Elder Jackson is Iron Man if you couldn’t tell, the lady made his circle too big and it looks weird but really funny. it’s very warm at night now.

Sunday President came to our branch and had church with us, and Sister Swenson was there too obviously. That was awesome, he raved about us like I’m sure he does to any branch, but he made some awesome statements like there are the best 6 missionaries, and the fact that all 6 of us baptized last cambio and just yah, it was awesome and he was awesome. I don’t think I used that word enough so, AWESOME AWESOME AWESOOOOOOOME, there we go, and that makes it better.

Well I hope all is well at home, glad you all had fun this last week in the sun, I spent it in blankets, jackets, and Batman footy pajamas. which I personally feel is cooler, but to each his own right, when in Rome.. . .

I’m trying to put a lot of pictures up to make up for the lack of the past few weeks so look for that. And if this letter is short it’s because of that and the fact that these computers suck and take forever to do anything so uploading and writing at the same time doesn’t always work, hahaha

But yah know I love you all, thanks Joe and Alyssa for always writing me every week. you guys are awesome
stay classy.

Elder Kyle Allen

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