Monday, May 30, 2011

May 23, 2011

OK so this week has been interesting, a few things to report but not a lot a lot so I’ll try to expand a lot on the things I have.

First things first, I went to the office today and got the mail, I got 2 return to senders from letters I sent in March, and one recent one I sent: please tell Martha (if you can’t cause I know she moved and that makes it obvious why it was returned) that I’m sorry my letter never got to her, I sent it but I guess Chile mail hates me/ she moved so not my fault, and the other one was one I sent to Meagan Knowlton in March, please tell her I’m sorry it never got their either, apparently I had the wrong number on her letter, but I went back and copied her address exactly from the pouch letter she sent me, so I guess I have an incorrect address from her, if there is a way to hear how I get to her/and address that would be great.

Ok so this week I hit my 7month (5in Chile) and on the 20th, that day, I was bit by my first dog. What a glorious present. We were walking up this hill one night and this lady said something super soft in Spanish I didn’t hear, and all of a sudden my calf started hurting really bad. It bit me and ran off before I realized what had happen so I didn’t get to kick the crap out of it. I have teeth marks on my calf now, no blood luckily and my pants weren’t ripped, but yah, I got my first and not last dog bite.

We had an activity with the young men this week and it was interesting, we pretty much spent the whole day reactivating, and as great as that sounds, it stinks when we need to be working with the investigators that we had. So I became senior comp for a day with a small Chilean and well it was interesting, telling people they need to go back to church and them not coming, haha. But yah, that was a whole day, interesting no?

Today we went up to Concepcion and talked to an hermana and she is going to be making us footy pajamas. We are doing them in the shapes of super heroes. Elder Myer is being the Flash, Tony is being the green lantern, Elder Jackson is being Iron Man, Elder Brimhall is being Superman, Elder Hillman is being Captain America, and I’m being Batman. They are going to be so fun, and keep us so warm during the winter because it is sooooo cold, like so crazy cold here.

So we have an investigator that smokes, drinks, drinks coffee and tea, and does some illegal drugs, so the word of wisdom has been taught and he knows he needs to stop he is just trying, and it’s hard, I can only imagine. He went to church on Sunday and that was cool to see. His name is Dagoberto, and we call him snoop dog, haha. He is so funny and swears every other word; my Chilean vocab has really grown. Haha.

This upcoming week we have interviews with President in Coronel, so that will be fun, and yah it will be great to see President and hermana Swenson, for sure!

We are holding a family home evening tomorrow night for the branch and that should be fun, I think we might do a talent show, I don’t know we need to talk tonight with the zone leaders because they are fun and have crazy ideas all the time!

I can’t believe that it has been 7months, I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s been a long time, but at the very same time it’s like, wow 7 months, really? It’s a weird feeling for sure, things just keep moving and this is week 5 or 6 of the cambio so cambios are this week or next week, wow, I’ve already been in Lota for a long time, time flies in a good sector, haha.

Well I love you all so much, and love hearing from you, I’m sad to hear you are all sick, that stinks, and I know what it’s like, we are out in the cold all day and it stinks so we get sick easy and the houses are heated and are like plywood walls, haha so it’s tough sometimes to get warm, and our house never sees sunlight, so it’s beyond freezing all the time, I sleep with 2 jackets and 3 blankets, haha, and those wool socks are amazing, all the Columbia stuff is, it’s the only things that last. Anyway, get well, get well soon, we want you to get well, haha. stay safe and be happy, that is always a big part of your day, I never noticed it till recently.

Keep up the fun, love you all, stay classy, and write me, thanks
Elder Kyle Allen

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