Thursday, January 6, 2011

Monday January 3, 2011

Ok so about the earthquake, it was fun! Ha-ha I was thrown from my feet, it was awesome. We were in the house about to leave for the day, I was thrown onto a bed, but still thrown, and no aftershocks that we felt. Everyone lost power for a while, no real damage. We didn’t get it the worst but we have been on earthquake watch lately so it was bound to come, there will be more soon the people keep saying, it’s crazy, just crazy.

Some Elders have to eat from members and investigators but we have a Momita that makes us food, and that’s part of the living cost which is awesome because she makes good food and it’s always safe and she cooks around our likes and dislikes. For New Year’s some other Elders ate intestines with like a pudding stuffed inside and all but threw up. One of the Elder’s is now sick and I’m sure it’s from that.  That’s a food horror story, apparently it’s an expensive delicacy here, and I hope I never come across that sickness.

The language is still so hard to understand them, they talk faster then I’ve ever heard in my life and the slur and it’s very, not amazingly Spanish.  My companion does all the talking but he is great and leaves in 5 weeks, for home, so he is a great elder, he has been zone leaders, is the district leader so he is teaching me how to be a better leader as well which is awesome.

Everyone we have met here is soooo humble! It’s great; the members are so nice and willing to help with anything.
In the pictures I sent there is a dog, and there literally are no boxes under him! he is on that thin piece of wood holding the fence together, it was crazy cool.
There are cows on our walk way to the neighborhood that we do most of our work in, which is weird.
New years is a bigger holiday here than Christmas so I got some pics of the fireworks.  New Years and the day after were impossible to work, no joke.

ummm our baptismal date with the 2 kids changed because the boy didn’t want to go to church so the mom said they weren’t ready, they ended up going to church but we moved it back a week anyway, so it’s the 15th of January

It rained a lot today which was crazy, I was drenched but the week was hard, it was great to relax today. very great.  I really needed it bad. The work is hard just like the language; I’m just hoping everything will click soon, because I feel so lost some times!  but hey, I’ve been blessed in my life so far, eventually I will be here.

Oh yeah and kids are punks! they use English just to swear and I hate it!
Anyway, I love you all, thanks for the prayers, the work is hard but no one said it would be easy.
Keep safe, stay classy, bye till next week, Love Elder Kyle Allen

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