Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011

Ok so here is my weekly layout for this past week:
We had our zone conf in Cañete cancelled because we had a surprise conference with Pres. Amado on wed the 26th so I thought that would be a fun b-day present. We went up to Concepcion Tuesday at 6pm because the conference was super early and there are no buses from Lebu to Concepcion that early because it’s about 3.5 hours away by bus so we slept that the assistants and office elders house, that was fun, saw brimmy
My birthday of course! Had the conference and it was soooo long and only in Spanish (surprised?). It started at 9 and ended at 5pm, so yah that shows you how long and I started getting a fever that night at the conference and on the bus ride home. So I went right to bed and didn’t work the rest of the day, not that there was a huge amount of time anyway.
The fever continued and hit103 so I was in bed all day and I did not leave the house. Goddard went on splits with a priest and left one with me, he was on his lap top and I slept so it worked out. Momita planned a huge b-day for me with the other elders in the zone, with a meal of cheese and chicken empanadas which are my favorite chileano food so I had 2 of each in bed and the elders came up and gave me a blessing.
Same as Thursday pretty much, stayed in bed all day and slept because I was crazy sick. Fever still 103. Throughout the few days I had been calling sister Swenson and she had been telling me ibuprofen and sleep so that was my medication.
Here were my symptoms that I had Thursday-now:
Fever, awful headache, achy, no energy at all, and a cough that each time causes my head to hurt.
Saturday I was in bed until the baptism, got all the strength I could and went off to the first baptism of my mission. Her full name (which is long and normally chileano names are long and hard to say) is: Catalina lircay (lir-kie) pinto Colileo. That was tough. Goddard baptized Sebastian. It was fun. All 4 Lebu elders baptized.  I had very little energy so I went with Elder Steele to his newly baptized family (mom and daughter) and Goddard went on a split with the branch president.
Still sick but went to church.  We only had 2 investigators come, Goddard was mad the 2 families didn’t come again this week. My new comp and I will have to really work with them. We went home because I had no energy and Goddard needed to pack to go home.
Still a bit sick.  Called Santiago doctor and he prescribed me some antibiotics, sounds like I have a weird chileano fever virus. My fever is down but yah, still feel weak. We are in Concepcion because Goddard has his exit interview and I have to be here tomorrow to get my new comp (yes combios are on Tuesday not today so all I know about my new comp now is his name).
But yah fun week right? Sorry it was such a late email we have been everywhere for Goddard and have not had the time.

About my new companion:
I’ve heard he liked to hit people on the back of the head when they say stupid stuff
That he likes to build ships in his basement
He never locks the doors to his house
Get it yet...?
He has some friends named Tony... and Ziva...

Hahaha his name is Gibbs! I heard that and thought of NCIS so I needed to make a joke.

Well hey that’s been my week, hope I got it all down for you, lots of bus rides.
I love you all, I’m helping someone at the office learn Photoshop so I need to get going.
Love you all!

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