Monday, January 17, 2011

January 17, 2011

We went to Concepcion today which is out of our mission technically but it was fun.
There was actually a mall! And a McDonalds, which I got a big Mac and looked like the biggest gringo ever! It was so awesome, man I love being American!

I got new shoes because the church ones just keep blistering my feet. I got Nike free´s because my p-day shoes feel like comfy slippers so I wanted something like that. They are all black, but they were approved by the mission president so I’m OK.

I’ll still wear the church shoes but on days where we walk less or have a good amount of appointments.

In Conce (short for Concepcion just an FYI if I keep saying it) there is a store called Lider´s and it is owned by Wal-Mart so they import American things that you can’t find in Chile like BBQ sauce, peanut butter, Mac and cheese, and other stuff. It’s called the gringo section and there are always missionaries from our mission and the other one there because they miss USA stuff (which is why I had a big Mac at McDonalds)  By the way, they have this big Mac here but its 2 chicken patties not beef. My comp tried it, it looked too weird for me so I got the "beef" one. Do they have that in the states?

We saw a lot of buildings still just toppled over from the earthquake almost a year ago, they just have no money to rebuild so they leave it, kind of sad.
I took a picture of the Bio-Bio River, and if you Google earth it its huge right? Well like the river here in Lebu, because of the earthquake, it’s a lot smaller and there are parts where you can see just dirt. Kind of sad.

I hit the big 20 soon which is a scary thought! And that’s about all the fun news I have.

For dad, the demographics of the area (which by the way is less fun for me to write about):
The branch (not ward) is OK. They are warming up.  The branch president  tells them to warm up to the investigators and stop being like stiffs all the time. And we FINALLY have branch missionaries so we will be training them this week and all that jazz.

Ooohh, the states have it good, because no one here has heard of Predicad mi Evangelico (Preach my Gospel) and no one has a copy. So we are in the process of getting all the branch missionaries one and teaching them how to teach the 1st lesson. It is kind of like the MTC for them, except more fun because I’m here.

We had the spawn of Satan children at church Sunday (a new investigator was sick so we took her kids one is 9, one is 8, and one is 7.) they don’t know how to whisper and were beyond annoying and bouncy. We had to sit with them in the hall for the last 15 minutes of Sacrament meeting because they were too distracting. But we have 6 baptismal fechas (dates) so hopefully they will all go through. I think they won’t stay because they weren’t commitments; more hey want to be baptized on the 31st? Uh sure why not type of deal.

But yah that’s it. Our zone is the best in the mission for attendance of investigators, baptismal dates and baptisms. If we are the best at the end of the month in totals the President is going to come down and work with us, go on splits. Which would be awesome!

Anyway, that’s the branch and all. I still can’t be alone (cornered) in church because people ask me questions I say "no intiendo" (I don’t understand) they roll their eyes, utter under their breath and walk off. Great moral booster. But hey, if they went to the USA, they would know nothing at all, so I just picture that person in the USA not knowing anything, it’s bearable.

Anyway, I love you all so much, thanks for the thoughts prayers and emails, I love getting them.
Love you all
Elder Kyle Allen

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