Monday, December 27, 2010

First P Day in Chile

So we slept in until like 8 this morning which felt awesome! Went downstairs and our momita made us some food (pretty much just got bread from the store they have in their "garage" (which people do all over Chile)) but I'm not complaining because most missionaries here don't even get breakfast (so I've heard) because they are too lazy to make their own.

We then went to the beach, I uploaded those pics to Costco so happy birthday! speaking of which, mine is very soon.  The Beach was awesome, no one was there and its summer, apparently it's like that all year. No one visits the beach.  I don't think the people of Lebu realize they have the ocean right there. I think I'm going to add that to part of my contact...
We then came home, ate our huge lunch which is customary and we showered and ran over here! So we are in a cyber now, and its loud as usual, I take it black opps is a great game?

In Sacrament meeting on Sunday I just introduced myself so that was OK, I stumbled through my name and where I am from.  Apparently I messed up because everyone asks me about my 5 brothers and I don't know what I said but whatever.

So I found out that there is a hole in the ozone above Chile (where we are more specifically) and that is why my SPF 50 is not working. Yep I got a little blood blister today at the beach from the sun after applying the lotion twice, I don't know how the people here don't have skin cancer at age 10 because no one burns or even puts on the stuff.  It's ridiculous. So I'm applying it like every hour now. This place is so deceiving, it's not hot at all, the wind keeps you really cool and I have not really sweat at all since being here, but the rays are just killer.

My companion taught an evangelical woman the first lesson outside her door and she was pretty accepting, at least I think, I couldn't understand her. Oh and we contacted an old woman that did not want to hear from us because she liked her church.  My companion asked if God told her to switch churches would she, and she said no, she liked her church, he then said but that's Gods will, not just yours anymore, and she said I don't care, I like my church. We should all learn from this, its not just the church that we need to like, its the message behind the church. Sure the people and the friendships are great in the church, but I'm not here because of my best friends, or my college roommates.  All that is great but I'm here because of the message of the church.  All those friendships might change but the words of Christ never will. May we all feel the same and not just go to church because of the people.

I love you all,  keep safe, stay classy, and throw away that dumb shake weight of Trevor's.
bye till next week, Kyle

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