Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24, 2011

Transfers are this Saturday—anxious to know what will happen.  So there will be some news next email.  Who will be my new companion?  Will I be transferred?

We had 9 investigators in church Sunday and 6 had baptismal dates, but we could have done better.  Two families of 5 people were going to come but went to the circus Saturday night and got food poisoning. Oh and funny note, when Chilean’s get sick, they always go to the hospital right away, even for just a sneeze, and get a shot. I have no idea what, probably a pain killer or muscle relaxer, but that’s what they do. So unless I say a family went to the hospital with something serious, it’s just because a bug flew up in their nose, they sneezed and thought they were "sick" and went to the hospital for a shot.
My week was a lot of working with families. We need those 2 families to go to church. One would have and are golden. They told us that they have wanted to stop smoking for a while but just never had a reason to, and now they have a reason. They have seen all the Mormon videos out there because they have asked for all of them from us, haha. They also think tea and coffee is bad for you, how many non LDS people think that? Ummmm, no one. Now just go to church so I can dunk you! Just kidding, but you know what I mean.

Some weird things that happened to me this week:
I got a kiss from a drunk guy on the back of the neck, for like 10 seconds.
An investigator started breast feeding during a lesson, and because Chileans have no shame, it was all very visible.
A dog played fetch with me, but didn’t use a toy, used a rock.
A cat climbed through the window and got under my blanket and started sleeping with me that scared the crap out of me in the morning.
That’s about it, weird huh?

I’m getting scared because I have a feeling I’m getting a Latin companion this time, I was soooo blessed with having Goddard.  He was amazing, still is, but you know. Taught me all I needed to know about the culture and being a successful missionary.  A native companion can help me with the language, so that is a good thing but it will be different.

Well that’s been my week.  Next Monday will be filled with lots of new news so I’m scared but excited at the same time!

Love you all!!!

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