Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 10, 2011

OK, so today I’m in Cañete, because my comp has to go to Santiago to get a new passport. The Chile express (one of the Chilean mail services) lost his passport and he goes home in 3 weeks. So I’m with a zone leader (because they lost the other zone leaders as well) so I’m zone leader for a day, woot! Don’t worry about the mail though; the only sketchy mail is Chile to Chile. USA to Chile and Chile to USA is OK, if you send it to the office. So I’m not sure how the pouch works but everyone gets the packages sent to the office.

Oh and I have over 100 flea bites, no joke. They are bad. Soooo gross and itchy.

Here is a picture of a shower hut I found. Yep, it’s a community shower hut in this one neighborhood. Weird and creepy, especially because the Chileans have no boundaries. I’ve seen so many people breast feed in the open, and walk out of the shower hut with very little on.

This is an activity we did at the church to get more investigators.  It was fun. 

You have asked so many questions, so I am just going to answer them for my letter this week.   

How is the food?  Well, there is a lot and a lot of bread, I don’t know how much I’ve gained already but I’m sure it will be a lot because we eat a ton, our Momita spoils us for sure.

Still feeling good?  Define good, por favor

Any stomach problems?  Yes, we frequent members houses a lot while on our normal working day because we always need to pee for one, and I had some shell fish one day that forced me to the bathroom to puke. Yep very gross even when it’s cooked. Tasted like dirty pork fat.

How was Church on Sunday?  Ok, we only had 3 investigators at Church, 2 are sisters (11&8) and their mom is an inactive member that has had us over a few times while she is completely drunk. Never felt worse in my stomach then those visits. The 3rd was an inactive member that we are reactivating the mom. The 2 kids we normally have didn’t show up and weren’t home for our Saturday appointment.  Their mom is avoiding us soooo, not good at all. We also have 1 teenager, and some others I just don’t know their names/we just met them last Saturday.

How is your clothing working out?  Good, dirty quick but good.

Are the shirts getting clean?  Yes, once a week by our Momita

How are your feet?  Very bad, it was a week of blisters, no matter what shoes I wear I get them, even the nice timberlands. I’ve been wearing them for 2 weeks now, they are broken in and I keep getting them. I’m going to talk to the president and see if I can get a pair of black tennis shoes to wear instead.

Give us some information about the ward (or branch) you are serving in.  How have you found the members?  They are ok, not really willing to help missionaries that much, and they aren’t very inviting to investigators, in general, but there are a few families that are awesome and we love them/  They help us a lot and that have children that help us all the time.

Give us an idea of how you spend your days.  Is it a mixture of teaching and service?  A few lessons a week, no service yet

Do you tract?  Yes, that’s pretty much every day all we do. Lots of door to door stuff, but there are fences everywhere so it’s more fence to fence. We can’t enter the fence unless invited; it’s the polite thing and nice thing, so we yell from the gate.

How many lessons are you teaching per week (on average)? Not sure, probably 6-10. Not much because we are opening the sector. Lebu 1 (the other Lebu) brought 10 investigators to church and 8 of them had baptismal dates. That’s why we want Lebu2 to stay open, because they are doing amazing in their now much smaller area.
Love you all, Elder Kyle Allen

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