Monday, February 7, 2011

I´m feeling much better after those pills I got from Hermana Swenson.
My last week wasn’t that great because we took the week to show the sector and meet investigators. Unfortunately, we didn’t teach much, and it was sanctification week (first week of a new cambio) so we had to get 200 contacts and that took up a lot of time because we already have investigators we need to work on, and we didn’t have time for that, but did it anyway because my comp is district leader and we need to set an example for our district (FYI, I hate contacts more than anything).
My companion is Elder Gibbs, did you not like the NCIS joke last week because I thought it was very cleaver. He is from Utah like 85% of all the elders in the mission, so yah that’s always fun right?  He has been out the same amount as Elder Elder which is like a little over a year, I think maybe more.

This past week we had to find a new place to stay so that kept us busy. The crazy thing is that President hates 4 elders per house because it’s more of a party at night than what we should be doing, but he gave us permission to get a 4 person house. We found a really nice, for Chile, house that is in the middle of where our 2 sectors meet so we are so excited. And it’s cheaper than getting 2 houses so it’s like a win-win, right? So now I get to live with Elder Elder for a cambio, so that’s kind of awesome. We move in tomorrow after our zone meeting in cañete so that’s what tomorrow will look like for us.

We have another baptism set for the 19th for 2 kids (yah most of our investigators are kids).  The girl is very touchy feely and its slightly creepy. But they need the Gospel, right? We had a great experience last week.  A new investigator stopped us in the street and asked for a pamphlet because he had the plan of salvation one and he wanted another. It was awesome; he came to church with us, and even put on a suit. Most members don’t even dress up, so Patrick is pretty much amazing. But he has a GF and I’m sure they are living together because everyone does once they hit the age of 12 (very sad).

That’s my exciting week last week, it was really long and slow actually so not very exciting I’m sorry but that’s what happens when you get a cambio, I’m sure you understand that.

Oh the pics, we hit up the sunset at the beach here in Lebu, because it’s in our sector and we wanted to see if there was anyone living in the houses along the beach (maybe a good place for 4 missionaries?). The answer was no, but the view was beautiful. Even if we looked for people longer than in any other street,  hahaha

Love you all, got the package last Monday I forgot to mention because I was at the office, thank you so much, the fruit wraps were amazing, and people now agree that organic can be good.

Love you all

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