Wednesday, January 4, 2012

December 12, 2011

Well there is still no word on the cambios so I think I’m safe until after New Years, don’t quote me on that because President is crazy with cambios but I think I’m staying here for at least until New Years.

This week the assistants came down to our zone and brought some of our packages, I only received 2 of them though, one with the rain jacket (which I’m very happy to have thank you so very much) and the package with all the sun stuff and the sticker of Trevor’s watch, thanks for that one Trevor, ha-ha. I hear there is another package, I didn’t receive it, at least yet, but I will receive it before Christmas because we have a mission conference on the 21st of December, when I hit a year in Chile, crazy huh?

So I heard from Elder Elder and Elder Gibbs, and they both have made out and are loving it, hate them! Ha-ha no just joking, they miss Chile and want to come back, with some of the liberties that they have now, ha-ha.

I made a DVD with all the Mormon messages. All 48 I could find in Spanish. Oh my gosh that is the most amazing thing in the world, I’m serious. Those messages are like 2-3minutes and are crazy powerful, we always use one in a lesson and they work amazingly! It’s taken me a very long time to do it all and all that but its finally done and I’m soooo happy.

So we are working out something with our branch president to try to get the Christmas call in the church because we hear the internet in the church is better and we can actually have some peace if you know what I mean. The only problem is that there is only one computer in the church and there is only one password to connect to the church internet. The branch president said that we could use his laptop if we could get a hold of another password. That’s very hard to do, so we are talking to all the people in charge and all that stuff. We actually might have a mutual friend from Lebu that can get us a password so we hope that all that works out. One person can be in the bishop’s office and the other in the secretary room and we can have our talk in peace without other people nagging us. Plus we don’t have to worry about when people open on Christmas or anything like that. It’s still a rough draft but we are working.

Now questions from mom
1. What is your house like?
well its one of the nicest houses in the mission, we have a big room a kitchen, all that jazz
2. What type of appliances are in your apartment?
We have a microwave!!! That’s pretty awesome, and a stove and an oven
3. How many bedrooms? 1 bedroom 1 Bathroom a Fridge? With dead flowers in the yard.
4.  Have you still been picking cherries?  Eating lots of cherries.  Do you still have cherry stains on your shirts?  Yes I have, ha-ha, I have eaten a lot as well. They are very very tasty right off the tree, and hey, a reason to climb a tree is always worth it. I have a lot of stains on a lot of shirts, so yah, that’s my problem now, ha-ha
5. Do you still have someone to wash your clothes? Yes every week we have someone wash our clothes, this is only my second sector that I have had that ability just so you know
6. What do you eat? Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Breakfast we don’t normally eat, lunch in Renaico is a lot more of rice and chicken which I’m thrilled with. Dinner, there is no such thing as dinner in Chile. There is (once) which is like a thing of bread and a hot drink like echo at night
7. How is the clothing holding up?  Do you need me to send you more shirts?  Socks?  Ties?  
I have little socks and my shirts are all pretty much stained but I think I’m ok, I don’t know if you really want to send any clothing to me.
So Erik comes home tomorrow? dang that is so crazy to think about, I remember being in my college dorm room when he opened his call, man that was really 2 years ago... dang

So we are planning on where we will be spending our Christmas and New Year’s already, I don’t want those days to feel sad for me, so we are trying to plan it all now so that we don’t have to have any down time to think about anything else, and we are planning on spending time with a great family after our call so we can ease back into the work, last year was very hard for me and I don’t want a repeat if possible.

Well I love you all so so so much, stay safe!
Elder Kyle Allen

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