Wednesday, January 4, 2012

December 19, 2011

I am having problems with my email today.  Don’t know what is  going on.  I have written the family letter twice only to have an error while I was writing. 

Hey mom – just in case you are wondering, here are some people I wouldn’t mind if they accidently joined Christmas call: Erik Hayden Cory Kevin

This week I’m going to Temuco, huge city, has a "Mapúche market" which is where I would get Christmas presents and gifts for people, things awesome from Chile sort of thing, not sure if I’ll ever go there again,  I am going to buy things, at least Christmas stuff, I think.

I’m not buying any Mate’ till I leave because I don’t want it to go bad. I want to look for hand carved things, and satchel bags, and a giant metal picture of horses running for grandpa. – ha ha just kidding. 

I’ve never been to this Mapuche market before so I have no idea what they have or what they don’t have, I just know it’s the biggest in Chile.  Can’t wait to see what is will be like. 

I have to go, love you talk to you on Sunday!!!

Love Elder Kyle Allen

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