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December 5, 2011

We had no idea that the Christmas devotional was this last weekend! So we didn’t watch it, it was so sad when I got on the email and saw that it was on, so we are trying to download it to listen to during our studies this week. I’m really upset I missed that, because that’s my favorite! It’s just an hour, the music is awesome and the 3 talks are so powerful. Sad moment.

So the people in Tijeral sell cherries this time of the season in Angol, because Tijeral is "campo" and there are a million cherry trees there and Angol has nothing. So we have been going to Tijeral a lot to help them pick cherries to sell. I have gotten a lot of cherry spots on my white shirts which is very very upsetting for me for sure, but it’s so much fun to be way up there in the trees. I can see cities far away from up there and its relaxing, wish I could just go there alone sometimes.

We also found a new family in Tijeral and they want to be baptized, there are 4 in the family so we are very happy. We helped them pick cherries and that’s how we got in, so it was worth all the marks on my shirts. The mom is not currently with the husband, they are fighting so we will find out what happens, but its 3 kids. The moms name is Nieves (snow in Spanish) and we put a fecha for the 24th of December, so with any luck I will have the most white Christmas possible, a baptism with snow, in the summer of Chile.

I’m still not sure about the special transfers this cambio, I think that they are next week, but I can’t remember. but I’m really torn, President pretty much told me if I wanted to go I totally can, so he has had ideas about moving me, but I’ve never said anything to him, because I want to stay here for a family that lives here in Renaico. I baptized the daughter Nicole, and the mom and father want to be baptized, but the father isn’t the true father, and needs to get divorced so that they can marry and be baptized. And I want to be here for that because I have done more (missionary wise) for them than anyone else has. All the elders that pass through here put a fecha with Nicole but I finally got her baptized, so I have a confidence with the family that no one else has had. And everyone has tried to get them divorced and married and I actually am super close to doing that so I want to stay here until they are separated and married. plus I love the branch president here, he is my favorite, but on the other hand,  I’m also kind of done being here because I’ve contacted every house here, so I’m kind of, well I bet you can imagine.

The saddest thing is when your converts stop going to church, I know that dad and Andrew can relate to that feeling on the mission, but it feels even worse if they stop going while you are still in the sector, and then everyone looks at you weird like it’s your fault and that you aren’t doing your job correctly. It gets really hard and stressful and really emotionally draining because you’re looked at differently.

So we are planning on doing more family home evening activities here like I had in Lota because the branch was a lot more together there and I think that is what this branch lacks. It's hard though because no one can decide on a date and hour and we are not in Renaico every day, we are in Tijeral Tuesday and Friday so it’s hard for us to plan it because people get mad at us for not always being, ha-ha oh the drama.

My companion is going to a district leader meeting in Los Angeles this Tuesday so I will be with another district leader’s companion; he is a new guy and only has a few weeks in the mission. So I will get to know what it feels like to train someone it looks like because he is from the states as well, so I’ll be the Spanish guy for the first time in my mission.

Its really nice having Elder Palmer and Elder Lundgren in my zone, the zone meeting are so much more fun and I like just talking to them like the MTC. The people from the MTC were amazing but the actual experience stunk, ha-ha. So I know exactly what Keegan feels like.

So I hear that grandpa and grandma are taking a tour of the book of Mormon sites? I thought they were all unknown? Huh well all I know is that I’m here in Chile if they feel like swinging down a little more south, and they can experience summer here and get away from the Oregon winter and all.

Well I love and miss you all so much, I can’t wait to talk to you all on Christmas and finally see you all again. I honestly can’t wait until then

Elder Kyle Allen

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