Monday, November 28, 2011

November 28, 2011

So as you know I’m still here in Renaico and I’m with Elder Castillo from Peru.
Just to start off I uploaded the pictures I was able to recover to the photo bucket, under the folder week 2 of photo bucket use pictures, I’m pretty sure. You can download, I think you know that by now so yah that’s all for you. Hopefully the video uploads as well because it’s really funny.

So yah, happy thanksgiving and all. We didn’t do anything special, we did make homemade popcorn at night but that was it, I heard you all had a fun and eventful day, that’s always great to hear. The assistants and the Elders in the office had a "chileano thanksgiving" they had 3 rotisserie chickens, jello, and salad WITH ACTUAL SALAD DRESSING not just oil and lemon juice. And a Dr. Pepper, lucky butts.

So yah, I was writing in my new planner and realized all the events that will pass during this cambio:
New Years
1year in Chile

That’s a big list for just one planner, look what happens within 6 weeks, wow I’m slightly shocked / blown away by all that, ha-ha.

So I was thinking about the Christmas call and wanted to know, Andrew, do you think that the new Google thing you talked about a while ago works well for 3 way calling? What do you think that I should do? Oh and will my new sister in-law be there? She better be if she wants to be related to me. But yah Andrew can you be the tech man on this one and tell me what I should do and all? Thanks.

We found a lot of new investigators this week because the ones we had were not progressing in the ways that we have hoped, we aren’t leaving them, but we just aren’t focusing as much on them, following the advice of our leaders, I hate it but it’s what I have to do huh?

Its getting crazy hot here, I know I keep saying that but man it’s getting hot. The worst part, Lebu is the "windy city" and I’m no longer there, I’m in Renaico, Angol area where there is no wind and it’s an awful humid heat. No beach and I have to wear a tie. We have had to come home and shower after lunch because it gets so gross. Man I can only imagine the other Elders out there in the world that have this all the time, man that stinks!

I just realized that Elder Myer comes home in 5 weeks, that means there goes my Oregonian, that will be so very sad, but he promised he would come visit you all because I made him promise, maybe for my birthday! ha-ha I have no idea but yah, I will miss him so much

So I don’t think there is anything else new here, I still not have received any packages, so I’m planning on getting a few when we have another conference or something, know I love you all so so much, miss you so much, and I can’t wait for Christmas to call you all!

Elder Kyle Allen

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