Monday, November 28, 2011

November 14, 2011

So to start off, 2 volcanoes erupted near us and the ash is sooo thick! It’s crazy, but it’s still crazy hot which I don’t get but whatever, because we can’t see the sun and all.

So Saturday we find out about cambios. We have no idea what will happen. I could train, because I have the time to train and all, my companion could, we could stay together, or I could just normally leave. We are very scared and confused what could happen.

So we have an Elder from Mexico here and he made some tacos for us and they were great, it was great. So yah that’s what we did today

About the conference, we were supposed to listen to Elder Cook but he switched last minute to the Concepcion mission, so we heard from the 2nd councilor to the presiding bishopric McMullin. He was very good, and it was really cool because they had a translator for the Latinos and we didn’t need it. I felt special.

Sunday we had stake conference in Angol and we had to leave at 9am for the branch bus so none of our investigators went because that is way too early for anyone in Chile. It was funny because only 2 families from the branch went. The bus was empty and so was the stake conference. But we were still bummed because we had to report 0 for the week.

So that was our week, sorry there isn’t more but it was a slow week, we have capacitations on Wednesday and I think that will be fun, and cambios next Tuesday so stay in tune!

Love you all
Elder Kyle Allen

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