Monday, November 28, 2011

November 21, 2011

Whelp, I have a new companion. Elder Montalban-Cares (my companion right now that is the chileano) is going to be a zone leader in Temuco so I get a new companion. I am getting someone from Peru named Elder Castillo. I actually know him and I lived with him in Lebu for one cambio. So we are both excited and all because we know each other and we fall well with each other. He is senior companion and district leader. I am also getting Elder Palmer from my MTC district in my zone, which is pretty cool. So it’s me Elder Lundgren and Elder Palmer in Angol, fun group. Oh and Elder Owens from my MTC district is training, that’s so awesome for him.

Today Elder Gibbs and Elder Elder go home, that’s so crazy, I already miss them.

This week we stressed about cambios all week. Seriously, because Elder Myer and President said to both of us that we were not going to stay together so we had no idea what would happen with us at all. he also said to me that there are special cambios in 3 weeks (I might leave the sector in 3 weeks, I have no idea!) and that he would be calling Elder Montalban in the week, which means he is either going up to zone leader or training, and he got ZL. So we were both saying goodbye because neither of us were sure what was happening. So I’m not sure if I will be making my Christmas call from Renaico or from a new place. All I am sure is I have 3 more weeks here and we will find out after that.

We found a new family because one of the daughters thought I was Justin Beiber and the dad invited us in. Elder Montalban can’t stop laughing about that, because it’s the same 2 jokes whenever I meet someone new, and as you know, that’s all we do is meet new people. but the two jokes are:
1) I look like Justin Beiber, which I obviously don’t I’m just a gringo
2) I’m "elder alien" because they don’t read the 2nd L or in Spanish the LL makes a Y sound and alien in Spanish is pronounced very close a-yen (at least for Chileans)

So yah that’s the jokes I hear every day, many times each day.

Oh but this week we had conference of zones, the north zones all met at one, the middle as one and the south as one. I obviously was in the middle and we met on Wednesday. That’s when we talked with President and Elder Myer about what was going on so we were stressed after that point. The conference was good, and they forgot the mail so I don’t know if there was anything waiting for me or not but yah didn’t get anything. I might be able to have someone from the office bring anything that I have tomorrow but I doubt it because everyone has a lot to bring and do and move, all that stuff

Front of Bible

Back of Bible

Front of Book of Mormon

Back of Book of Mormon
Spine of both Book of Mormon and Bible

I got my leather cases and they are great! Joseph Smith looks a little like Jay Leno on my Book of Mormon but oh well, that’s what happens, ha-ha. I tried to upload the pictures but that stinking beetle is back again, it might just be the computers here but yah, I’ll try one more time, but no promises.

Well I love you all, I’ll write you next week and tell you all how it’s been, I miss you all so much, especially this time of the year, can’t wait to call home!

Elder Kyle Allen

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