Saturday, November 26, 2011

November 1, 2011

Hey before I forget, I got both packages, thank you very much, there is much envy on the nice sweater from the states. And the candy box was perfect to get on Halloween so I loved that, thank you so so so much

OK so about the activity, it was great, I did a lot of running, and that acted up my ankle so it hurts a lot now again. But it was great seeing everyone again as you know, and we all have a year now so that is just crazy to think about. but I only saw half the activity because we had a miracle last minute baptism here and I went to fill the font (that last baptism took 5 hours to fill) and after an hour and a half I went back to check on it and I flooded the church, pretty bad... ha-ha.  I started the font at 12, checked at 130 and I flooded the church. Got to slip and slide down the halls though...
So from what I saw of the activity it started with a devotional from president, then we played sharks and minnows and that was crazy! Then we played a game with the zones where we had to make a human tunnel each person and the zone would run under us, then us under the zone, it’s hard to explain but easy to show. Then we played soccer, football, ultimate Frisbee, or volleyball until 1 when lunch was.
I missed the rest because of the flooded church but that’s what I have about the activity, it was really great from what I saw.

So, Saturday we baptized Mauricio and Victoria in Tijeras (the other really small town we work in) and that was amazing! Elder Pliler came down and baptized Mauricio and I baptized Victoria, it was such an awesome baptism and the branch was all there, all 27 members, and we had a huge party afterwards.

We also had a surprise baptism yesterday that was never in a million years going to happen but we had miracle after miracle happen and we moved his fecha from the 19th or November to the 31st of October. So many miracles this week, it was ridiculous.

It’s so weird, Elder Gibbs and Elder Elder go home in 3 weeks... that is so crazy.  I’m not going to have anyone after Elder Jackson goes home. And Elder Gibbs is getting married in April, that’s so weird.

So we are going to have an Apostle come and visit our mission next week, I don’t know if I am allowed to say when for security reasons, but I do know which one is coming, should be really cool to talk to one face to face and all. We aren’t allowed to get autographs or photos I don’t think so I’ll just have to tell you about it afterwards.

So the heat is really getting bad, I have been getting pretty sick from all the direct sunlight and it’s kind of annoying because I have no energy and I am like not burned because I use sunscreen but it’s just taking everything out of me.

Well that’s what I have for this week sorry that I couldn’t send anything to you all yesterday we just had no time with the baptism and the activity and everything but yes that’s why I’m here now. Miss you all so so so much! But hey, less than a year!!!

Elder Kyle Allen

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