Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24, 2011

So Green Lantern was awesome.  Oh man I have missed those movies! But yah I just thought I would throw that out there for you all very first. We are planning more activities like that with the YM/YW because it was a huge success and so I might be watching other movies, I hope, ha-ha but yah it was great, we had all of them together for once! We have a lot of confidence with them.

So next Monday is Halloween and the huge mission conference so I’m excited for that! We might not be doing internet Monday but we will see because I have a lot to clean up and set up for the activity. So yah, you will just have to wait and see next week. I have been in charge of getting permits and other stuff for this activity. There is a council building we have to get permits to and from but it’s hard because it’s a religious group and it’s not like everyone loves Mormons and wants about 200 missionaries in this small town.

So we are having fun here in Renaico, we have 2 baptisms on the 29th so that is awesome, and they are from Tijeral the other town we work in. The branch said it is impossible to baptize there and we are showing them! So yah that’s pretty exciting. We are getting a cake to celebrate because they are awesome people and we are so excited that they are getting baptized. They are a young couple that’s actually married.

Oh and I am like out of money for the month so I will be taking money out tomorrow just so you know because I have none and I need to buy gas for the shower because I hate taking cold showers and they are very very cold.

So it is warming up here, the sun is strong and the sun screen is being applied. Man it stinks because everyone knows you are not from here when it hurts to walk outside because it is so bright and you are the only one in the town looking for a place to buy sunscreen because no one uses it here.

This week me and my companion tried resting and recovering because we are both sick, I have an awful cough and my whole body aches, he has an awful runny nose and his body aches too. We aren’t sure if we have the same thing but we are both very annoyed. So yah that’s been the awesome news from us.

I do like the idea of "the last" now, and no longer "the first". my first Christmas was so sad, and my first birthday and all that, but I’m so excited for my last Christmas and last birthday and last everything because I appreciate it so much more now that I’m no longer in the states.

So a few questions for Andrew, what are the wedding colors and how are you doing the wedding invitations, because as you know those are my favorite things, colors are amazing and I love designing so yes that’s my question for you. I have a feeling the bride will be taking more work on that side but I’m still curious because I love designing and colors. And is grandpa doing the sealing?

What did you all think of the shirt stuff I sent last week? I missed designing so much; I lost my abilities for sure... I don’t know if I’m good enough to do that professionally, but I want to, I don’t know maybe I’m just questioning what I’m good at because to be honest I have no idea what I am good at.

I made some really really good rice last night, I never realized how easy it was without a rice maker, and I’m totally making rice more often because it’s so simple. You know what’s really good? rice, eggs and ají! oh my gosh I love it, ha-ha.

Trevor what have you been up to, minus the business strategy that you have now with Hayden. But yah that’s awesome that you are doing good with that, but what else are you up to, big senior year bro!!!

How has Tillie been doing without me? I became really close with this dog of one of my converts and she died so I was very sad this week because of that and I kept thinking of my Tillie, how is the eye and all?

Well that’s all I have for now, I love you all and hope you are all doing ok, thanks for everything!!!
Love Elder Kyle Allen

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