Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October 10, 2011

So I did not get transferred this time.  I got a new companion.  He is from Chile, Santiago I think, so that will be fun. He has been out 6months and is my senior companion and a district leader.
So the huge mission conference is on the 31st of October, so that is this cambio and we will be having a lot of fun because it is in my sector and the whole mission is coming to my sector for the activity. My house will be so so so full so I’m not excited for that but I am excited to gather everyone together. Elder Gibbs, my second companion only has this cambio left then he goes home!
So we had a baptism this weekend! We baptized Nicole who has been investigating for like a year and we finally got her to get baptized, so that was an amazing experience that we shared, I got some pictures from Elder Pliler on his camera I will try to send next week because we don’t have much time, there are a lot of people that Elder Pliler wants to say goodbye to today so I don’t have a huge amount of time of anything to do that.
We have another baptism planned for the 29th of this month and it’s a couple, just married and they are awesome, we have an FHE with them this Tuesday and we always stay and visit with them and sometimes eat (like a small small dinner that is just a cup of echo (Mormon coffee) and lots of handmade bread)
So yah that’s what I got to say this week, we are just stressed on time because there are like 7 families we have to visit tonight and its already like 530pm so we have very little time. I’ll try to put those pictures up next week I got from Elder Pliler this week.
So yah I’m glad that all is well and that you all loved conference so much! I am hoping to get the videos of the sessions we missed very soon so yah, stay safe.
Oh heard some news, Steve jobs died? Huh, how is apple doing now? Just curious how the company took that one
Stay safe; know I love you all so much!!!
Elder Kyle Allen

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