Monday, March 7, 2011

February 28, 2011

Well today I am in Coronel, my comp and Elder Elder needed to go to Los Angeles for a district leader capacitation so me and Steele spent the day yesterday working and today went up to Coronel to see some other elders.

I’ll talk about the pictures first: so the decorated gym pics are what the branch did for an activity, I just want to point out a few things, first the streamers on the ceiling. Do they look nice? Well, they look as nice as they can be, FOR BEING TOILET PAPER.  That’s right, there are no such things as streamers in Chile, just toilet paper.

It was a branch activity and they planned and executed it and all. Great, we asked if they needed help and they didn’t. We asked if we were needed and they said no. Great, no big deal. We then asked if we could invite investigators to it to get to know the branch.  It would be a great way to open them up, break the ice for the investigators, and build relationships with them. We were told no, only for baptized members of the branch, ummmm, ok? That seemed kind of weird and rude at the same time, to us at least.  We didn’t want to make waves or point out anything to them because the branch thinks missionaries are just a burden on them and sometimes have a hard time supporting the missionaries. 

A convert of Elder Elder´s called him and said she wanted him to go with her (with his comp of course) and help her break the ice with the branch because she wants to be a member and not just a person in the room you know? So Elder said yah why not, and decided to call and ask just so they knew he would only be there to introduce her.  They said to him absolutely not that he cannot come and that no missionaries are allowed at all.  It is obvious that we have our work cut out for us to help this branch catch the spirit of missionary work.

The other picture: I was with Elder Steele and we saw an inflatable slide in the plaza, and had to use it OF COURSE, how could you say no to an inflatable slide?  He took out some kids on that, lots of people got out their cell phones and took pics of a missionary gringo (that’s how it’s actually spelled, found that out this week) going down an inflatable slide with kids, in Chile.

About this week.  We visited the woman from Spain a lot. Taught her the 3rd lesson, but we spend a lot of time answering her questions. She has millions and wants to meet with us all the time to answer them. and they are deep questions so I don’t say much at all for those long lessons because it’s too hard for me to understand and then if I could understand, responding would be almost impossible in Spanish, hahaha. Gibbs loves them because it’s like conversing with a good member. She instantly accepts anything we say to her. Tea is bad for you. Ok I understand, will you take all my tea for me? I’ll go buy some herbal tea today, and drink lots more juice. Just like that, no questions about it.  Only thing is she wants to know the religion inside and out before baptism. Not just the lessons but all the technical stuff like why blacks couldn’t have the priesthood for a while (that was my bad... we were talking about the priesthood and she asked if women could have it and I said, "no" then "but all men now can hold it" I have no idea why ahora came out of my mouth, but yep, she asked "now?").

Other than her and Patrick we don’t have much. Patrick was gone all week as well so we did a butt load of door to door stuff, which I’m not going to lie, I really hate. Long week but the combio is almost up so I’m scared what will happen. I could very well leave. No idea.

Love you all so much,

Elder Allen

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