Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7, 2011

Very busy this past week with travel and lots of other activities.

Here was my past week:
Monday (not today but you know) Elder Steele and I went to Coronel (up north) for p-day and had some fun with other Elders in that sector.

Tuesday we went to Cañete for zone/district meetings like we do every week, but when we got back we ate a quick lunch and then had to head out as soon as we could to go to Talcahuano because Wednesday we had a conference with President, and there are no buses that leave Lebu that early to make it there in time.

Wednesday we had conference from 930am till 5ish pm and then we went straight over to the bus station to go back to Lebu that night.

Thursday we had to go to Tirua to drop off my comp, the district leader, to do a baptismal interview down there, and I took Elder Merrell back to Lebu with me for an exchange. We worked for about 2 hours because that took all day.

Friday I had to meet my comp in Cañete because he needed to pick something up from the zone leaders.

Saturday was the only day we got to work all day, and because of that our investigators didn’t have the drive we wanted from them to go to church the next day, so we did awful getting investigators to church on Sunday.

We have 2 fechas por bautizmo and they are for Patrick and Estephania (the woman that studied in Spain).  They are awesome but we are seeing troubles pop up because their date is for 2 weeks. Patrick’s mom doesn’t want him to be baptized anymore, and Estephania is having problems adjusting to life in Chile and her kid keeps getting sick. It’s annoying but we all know why it’s happening now.
The picture is my zone leader Elder Frankson and Elder Steele. Elder Frankson is very allergic to bread.  If his spoon touches something bread related like a tortilla or just bread straight up, then he puts it in his mouth, his lungs will close up and he will die within 5 minutes if he doesn’t get his shot. Very scary stuff. Elder Steele wasn’t sure if he touched a tortilla or not with some leftovers Elder Frankson made him (all this was while they were on a split btw) and so Elder Frankson was a little mad and stuff, but he was ok. So Elder Steele said he did it so that Frankson wouldn’t eat so much because he is getting fat (jokingly) and Frankson grabbed a pillow, put it under his shirt and started yelling at him like a mad man. Soooo funny!

Scared about cambios next Tuesday.  I’ll find out this Saturday what the damage is. Lebu 2 might be closed, a lot might happen.   I guess I now know what a legit combio feels like, and I don’t want to leave Gibbs and Lebu, as challenging as it has been I love it here.

We had a zone activity in Lebu today and watched a Disney movie in the church.  We had some hotdogs (like everyone makes, hahaha) and yah that was fun.

Oh it’s come to my attention that I forgot to tell you about something that happened last week.  I was chased by a cow. You know that field we walk in to get to our sector? I took a picture of a cow and Goddard. Yah it got mad for no reason, we were walking by like normal, nothing different. It just charged me, and chased me to the neighborhood. It was crazy, like seriously a stupid cow. hahaha, good times.

We traveled a lot and my body is dying from it.  Look at the maps of where I went this past week. We don’t drive directly, but have to go through other cities. There are no freeways or highways in Chile. That’s been my week. 

I love you all so much.  Elder Allen

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