Monday, February 21, 2011

February 21, 2011

Well nothing new.   Patrick, who we have been teaching, is 16 and is a musician and artist, so me and him get along great. He loves Paramore and sketched Boyd K Packer on Sunday.  (We had a satellite broadcasted stake conference and he was the speaker) and it looked freakin’ amazing. But Patrick is an evangelic (like 95% of Lebu) and his girl friend goes with him to that Church so we just need to get her to come with use and I’m sure it would all be better.
But ya, this week was normal and there is nothing to report honestly, kind of bland. Me and Elder Elder went on a split together, went to the highest part of Lebu and took some pictures, then hitch hiked down. It was fun; a 14 year old with no license drove us back.

We bug bombed the house and the fleas are still biting.

We have a new investigator who lived in Spain the last 2 years for work. She studied with the Jehovah witness´ for a few weeks but had doubts. We showed her that Jehovah is not God but Jesus, and that God is the father, Jesus is separate and the son, and the Holy Ghost is also separate. She loves learning and loved church so she is great, we haven’t taught her a specific lesson yet because she just keeps asking questions which are awesome and we love, but we have given her the restoration pamphlet and the plan of salvation pamphlet. She has read them I think, and loves them. So she is awesome. She has a kid but the dad is back in Spain so there is no issue like that. We aren’t sure if she smokes or drinks yet so we need to find that out. She has a baptismal date for next month. She wants to take it slow and “know all she can about the religion" before she gets baptized. But hey,  at least she has a date, we love that and it’s always great to be able to report on Sunday. Lebu has some great people, you just have to really work hard to find them, and it’s so hard to do that sometimes, but we are doing our best.

Elder Elder will likely be leaving Lebu in 3 weeks when cambios are so that will be super sad cause I love the guy and we always do inter cambios because we get along great.

I don’t know what else to report because it was so normal. A butt load of contacts that got us no one, lots of slammed doors, sunburns, and a few awesome lessons with Patrick and the woman from Spain. Our investigator well is not very full, but that the life of a missionary huh?
Here are the answers to your questions for this week
Has the weather started to turn to fall yet?Possibly, I don’t know, apparently Lebu is weird compared to everywhere else because it’s on the ocean and all

How cold will it get there in the winter?

I hear very very very cold. and rainy. so exactly like Oregon. I’m excited
Are there any grocery stores there?Yah but not like you know in the states, the only thing refrigerated is coke and beer. Milk eggs and cheese are just on shelves. it’s weird. and expensive.

 What do you make for breakfast, lunch and dinner?Depends if the members feed us. I make a lot of cereal (but without sugar in the milk it’s not bearable.) and eggs. because eggs cooked are amazing. and no one has dinner here. so no dinner. but they have a form of coffee that’s ok to drink, not against mission rules or WOW called echo. its soooo good mom, hahaha I drink that at night a lot.

Everything still OK?  Yes,  you could say that. kind of ready to leave Lebu and move on, but scared to at the same time.

Still staying well?
For now yes, as it gets cold though, no promises.

 Is the language coming along any better?Apparently I speak better but I don’t feel it. so I say no, but some companions say yes, I don’t really think so at all.

Do you try to speak Spanish in your home? 
There are 4 gringos living in the same house, what do you think? hahaha no we don’t speak Spanish. it’s just what happens when you get us together because we speak Spanish all day

Love you all so much, and miss you like crazy
Love Elder Kyle Allen

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