Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011

Well tomorrow is the start of my 3rd cambio in Chile, and yep, 3rd cambio in Lebu, so I’m staying.

Nothing new on cambio department for me. Elder Elder is the only one leaving and he is becoming a zone leader in Los Angeles South so that will be awesome for him, and hey I lived with a zone leader, that’s awesome. Goddard was one for a while too; look at all these great guys huh? We are getting a Latin moving into our house to be Elder Steele’s comp. so less English for us; not exactly excited about that but I’m sure all of you are for me.

Ok so about that awful earthquake, all the missionaries that are here and were here for the huge earthquake last year can’t believe it’s no longer the 3rd strongest earthquake in recorder history because of the Japan earthquake. I just feel awful for all that destruction from the tsunami. Speaking of which, not sure if you heard or not, but all the coastal cities in Chile were evacuated the day after the quake because of a tsunami warning. They related it to dropping a rock in the bath tub, the ripples at the edge may not seem as strong or destructive, but still can be really felt and there is a big difference then the norm. So we were evacuated at like 9pm and we had to sleep in a tent in a member’s backyard that was on a hill above the city. Because the river had no water pretty much (effect from the Chile earthquake) the waves filled the river up, and houses along the river took on little damage. But the crazy thing is after the waves hit Chile, all cities could go back that next morning except for 5 cities, and Lebu was one of them. They wouldn’t tell us if there was any damage or what happened, just that we could not go back into the city. We ended up getting the green light later that day/evening. Sadly there is no service to be done anywhere cause nothing really happened, but apparently Lebu just wasn’t safe for some reason, we got like 3-6 foot waves or something like that they said, not sure what exactly but hey, I now have a story. I survived the Lebu tsunami and was evacuated and made to sleep outside the city. It was crazy. And a lot of fun surprisingly. I’m not going to lie.

That was the highlight of the week.

We said goodbye to Frankson, one of my zone leaders. And that was my zone for cambio 2.  I’ll find out who comes in and all that stuff tomorrow at the zone meeting we have every Tuesday.

The videos are of our fun last few days with Elder Elder because he is leaving, and yah that is a video of us jumping a drunk guy, trust me that will never go on YouTube or anything.
But there was no one around or watching or anything and Steele used to do it all the time in his other zones, so we did it. And I’m not going to lie it was really fun, ha-ha.
We are having trouble with Patrick and Estephania because Patrick now has parents that don’t want him baptized. He knows it’s true and all but they say no, and he’s 16 so we can’t do anything. The parents won’t talk with us either, so we don’t know what to do there, just continue teaching him and hope and pray. We are going to show him the testaments and the restoration this week. Estephania just got a job in Los Alamos and works every single day, no joke, until 10pm, when we need to be in the house. kind of stinks huh. So we are trying to meet with her but it’s not looking good, we want to show her the testaments and restoration because if she gets a testimony of the BOM or Joseph Smith, that should help up with her trying to get Sunday off or just something for us to work with. But we have nothing right now with her and it's awful. Don't know what we are going to do this week to help her.

That’s our investigators for you or the progressing ones at least. We have new ones but they are not home or just don’t want to talk to us so that isn’t encouraging. I kind of actually wanted to leave Lebu this cambio, not leave Gibbs but just Lebu because the people are cold to us, there is no service we can do for anyone, and it’s just tough work. and I wanted a change. But then again, I get to stay in the nicest house in the mission so it’s all worth it in the end.

What’s up with all you, like Trevor beside that he is sick, ha-ha. yah that’s sad and bad but like how else is he doing and all. And Andrew how have you been? What’s up with Tillie as well? 

But yah,  for a while that tsunami was scary but then it was more of a dud and lots of waiting more than anything but still fun. Fun meaning the camping part.

Well that’s all I can think of and this guy next to me smells really awful, like he walked through dog crap for a long time. I miss you all so much!

Love Elder Kyle Allen

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