Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011

So we had a conference with the 1st Counselor in the Area Presidency on Friday, so we left Lebu at 5:45 AM and went up to Concepcion for a 2 hour conference that started at 11-12ish, even though they said we needed to be there at 930am to be in our seats and quiet, but I guess someone forgot to tell Lebu about the change in time or something, anyway, we did a lot of sitting and waiting. So they gave us lunch and that was amazing, it was like a mix between a completo (which is a loaded hot dog) and brisket. It is called ass. We didn't end up getting to the bus station until about 3-4ish and then we didn’t get a bus until 5:30 PM. We didn’t get back to Lebu until like 9:30PM ish and we were beat. Long day.

Tuesday was the day of cambios so Steele was with us all day; we did some contacting and drank a coke, then went to the bus terminal and met Elder Castillo. He is from Peru, and loves eating food.  So I’m still with Elder Gibbs.  Elder Elder left and Steele has a new companion.

Wednesday was normal, we worked and contacted and really nothing special. We found some new investigators on the street that seemed really great, but went by their house and was given the address to a mini store. So we contacted around there and we think we found the real house, but no one was home. We are planning on going back this week and visit them.

Thursday was about the same, we did a lot of planning of what we want to teach Estephania and Patrick if we ever see them again. And went by their houses. We think Patrick is avoiding us, because he won’t call back, but his phone is always on. His parents told him they don’t want him to be baptized so I’m guessing they also told him not to talk to us. He believes in the church and that it’s all true, which is the saddest part because we haven’t talked to him in weeks.

Saturday we contacted and visited a member’s house that we have become good friends with. Finally a family that we like and more importantly, that actually likes us. And the best part is Jessica’s husband and mother that lives there are not members, so we teach a lesson and have fun. She is making them go to church every Sunday and they have since I was with Goddard. They just all of a sudden started loving me and Gibbs so we have a lot of fun, and take once (have a mini dinner) with them when we go over.

We didn’t teach much this week, the first lesson to Jessica’s husband once and the word of wisdom to another investigator Carol, who conveniently smokes, drinks alcohol tea and coffee. But hey, no illegal drugs that we know about so not a complete strike out.

I’m thinking about ordering the church movies from the distribution center. Like the Restoration, and the Testaments. Me and Gibbs have taught with them and they are really effective and bring up lots of good questions from the investigators. I really enjoy doing that. Also investigators love movies. I want the Legacy and the Living Christ, just all the movies. Because they ask for them (like if we have any other movies) and we leave them and then we have a return lesson cause we have to pick up our movies, and we get to see what needs they have more easily, if any.

This Wednesday we have another meeting in Concepcion, it’s a mission conference so that’s a long one, should be fun. Some Elders from my MTC district are now in the north part of the mission as well so we hang out at mission conferences because I’m in the North technically. And one Elder got moved into our zone, and is in our district. This will be a fun cambio with him and all.

So yah that’s been my week.

The Lebu River is nothing anymore; I don’t know if I would even call is a stream. It’s so sad, it’s almost at the point where we can walk across it and not use the bridge. The city has been destroyed in that aspect. Fishing is on a down, and that’s the industry of the whole city. So yah that stinks and all. I bet people are going to start leaving because that’s all Lebu is.
But yah next cambio I’m leaving most likely so you get to finally update that where I’ve been and the map in the house, exciting? I hope I go south to be honest, I want to see Temuco, I heard it’s amazing. And the Pizza Hut tastes like legit American pizza. Oh man, everything is better in America.

Well I love you all so much and miss you. Think about you often
Love Elder Kyle Allen

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