Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday February 14, 2011 Happy Valentine's Day!

Living as a four-some does if fee like a party house? 
YES, but shhhh pres can’t find out! Just kidding, but it’s really fun being with 3 other green-go´s for sure!

How is the cooking going? 
Whelp, its fun, haaha. It’s good; I did it a lot in college which was good. But there are also no fast food places here at all so that stinks and it’s kind of annoying but just means I have to really cook. It’s fine, I like to and all, but the cleaning isn’t so fun.

Have you told Elder Elder that I read his blog?  Creepy?
Course I have!
And I quote from Elder Elder directly as he stands over my shoulder "well I feel a little violated from the fact that a lady, that I completely don’t know, is reading about me on the internet. But it’s cool beans."  So there you have it mom, straight from Elder Elder himself, no joke.

We went to the beach again today, but we also went to the caves this week not just the beach and they were sick! I loved them and the waves were crazy and all. But all the rocks killed my ankle so I didn’t play football with all the guys and all but that’s ok, I got sunburned all the same.

We had interviews with president as you heard and that was awesome, he’s and great guy and I don’t want him to leave in July.

We had what, 12 earthquakes the past 3 days? Something like that. Yah they are so fun. No damage, these houses are built for that kind of thing, but it was crazy still. I was on my bed, it has wheels and my room has tile floor, and my bed started to move across the room, I stood up and started to surf it. I know the earthquake is still fresh in the minds of the people here (especially with the movie that will come out only in Chile, of the earthquake, in a few weeks on the anniversary of the quake) but come on, enjoy the ride right? I did at least.

We had 2 baptismal dates for this coming Saturday and we’re teaching them and prepping them for that, and Wednesday we went to their house and saw no one was home. For that family, that NEVER happens, so we asked the neighbors about it, and they said they went to Santiago for the month and won’t be back till next month. They just up and left.  It devastated us, so we won’t be baptizing that family this month.

We do have an awesome investigator named Patrick.  I think I mentioned him last week. He contact us and asked us for a pamphlet and said he had a green one (Andrew guess which one that is!!!!!)
times up Andrew! The correct answer is plan of salvation, 25 mission points if you got that one right, I got it right when he asked, I was so proud.

We visited with him and he is awesome, he even changed into nice cloths to look like us on Sunday, hahha even ward members for years didn’t look as good as him. But he has a girlfriend and they may have some challenges with the law of chastity.  We shall see.  I think he wants to be baptized, he has a date I just hope he doesn’t fall through as well; we will hang with him a lot this week because he is so fun and funny and knows a little bit of English. Oh and he plays the drums and get this, he is learning the piano and bought a book with "classical" music, the book ended up being a Mormon hymn book. Ironic???

Amy Brinkerhoff sent me their Christmas card.  Please thank them. That was very nice of her to think of me, cause I miss Amytime, no joke.

Oh, I have to thank Denise for the gift card.  She sent me another one of those 25$ MasterCard cards and I was reading the back of it, and it says something like, "accepted in all US locations that accept MasterCard." It was sweet and I appreciate her gift but I don’t think it will work here. Unfortunately, the country of Chile is one of the few US locations that does not accept MasterCard, go figure. But thank her please.  I will try and find a way to use it. 

All this has been fun, yes I’m slightly happy today because it is Valentine’s Day and all and the best gift ever on this holiday is freaking hearing from family.

Anyway, love you all, have a great holiday and I miss you all dearly!!!


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