Thursday, December 9, 2010

November 29, 2010

The beginning of Week 7
So we should be getting travel plans next week I think, we are all crossing our fingers to leave before Christmas because we can call while at the airport and then again on Christmas day. But if we stay here at the MTC we don't get the Christmas phone call.

We had Jeffry R Holland come and talk to us and i just have to say that that was the greatest talk i have every heard in my life! He had some missionaries here that meant a lot to him and they bore testimonies, then he had his grandchildren come up and sing to us, and then he gave a 15minute, crazy amazing talk. It was about Christ and how he knows us so personally, by our first name. there was more, it was amazing. anyway...

Tell grandpa I love and miss him, and I want to challenge him to a race right now. With my terribly gimpy foot and his surgery, I think it would be super close!  I read my patriarchal blessing last week and I could just hear him saying it in my ear. What an experience.
So i got skunked (no mail) all week last week,  what  a humbling experience that was.

Love Elder Allen

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