Thursday, December 9, 2010

December 6, 2010

Week 7?  I don't even remember, we should get travel plans in 4 days. 

Mom here are the answers to your questions. 

1.  Do you need anything before you leave?   
Maybe some cold medicine,  I'm getting really sick with a cold and they have nothing like sudafed I can take or break, you know I can't swallow pills, hahaha

2. Did you get to see the Christmas Devotional?  Silent Night is always my favorite.  I loved the Christmas start story from President Monson. 
Yes! oh man that was the best devotional ever! I loved Uchtdorf's 3 points, and that we need to look and wait for the second coming like the people of old did for the first coming, man that was amazing! and President Monson was great as well, it was just great in general, great music... ANYWAY! We watched it an hour later then it was broadcasted so we could watch it all. It aired during fast Sunday dinner so no one would ever want to skip that. but it would have been OK because the food is gross, I skipped lunch because I didn't even want to try anything.

3.  When is the next Dr. appointment?  How is your foot feeling? 
December 14th is my next one, I am in a brace, can't feel temp in my toes but I'm doing OK. Don't know what else to say about it but I know that I will eventually be OK.

So yes as I think I said somewhere that we should be getting our travel plans this week, if it's before Friday I will send a post card, if not ill just wait till next Monday to tell you because it will be about that time the post card gets there anyway!!

Andrew: thanks so much for the brownies and pictures and note you all left me. I was sad to see no invisible cloak or iPhone in the  brownies. 

So thanks for the sports updates, I heard about Oregon and OR State sad there was no huge upset!

Well, Trev, stay classy

Mom, thanks for everything, I will be calling on the 20th  at every airport because we are allowed to if we are leaving the states.
I cant think of anything else  that I need. I am just generally scared about leaving the country. Leaving the country in 2 weeks, its just all so overwhelming especially because I can't understand my Spanish teachers! but eventually it will come.

Love you all sooo much!!!

Elder Kyle Allen

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