Wednesday, April 11, 2012

March 19, 2012

So we find out what happens this Saturday with transfers, and I’m very unsure, depends on what the doctor tells me tomorrow really, because if I need to get off it then I might be going to the office, if I’m fine I might stay here because me and my companion are getting along great.
So this last week we had a surprise conference in Los Angeles and that took up our entire Wednesday. We had to drop all plans and go, which was tough because we actually had a meeting but we have it this week so we are ok. We received a reference from a member of a recent wife that isn’t a member but her husband is, and she actually listens so we are super excited about that, we actually might baptize in Gorbea, first time in 6 months apparently, so that would be awesome.
Tomorrow I have the doctor and on Wednesday we have interviews with president, our whole zone so that will be nice. I will be able to talk to him about what I find out tomorrow and we can get this whole ankle thing planned and figured out, for once. 
I got a package last week; it was that one that told me Happy St. Patrick’s Day, that was awesome, thank you so much, I loved it
Tomorrow I hit 7months until I come home, that’s a crazy thought, I have been out a while and am one of the old guys here in the mission. 
I’m sorry this is lacking know I miss you all and love you all so much
Elder Kyle Allen

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